I went to the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles (second part)

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Today I wrote a second part of PECLA article

Yesterday I introduced articles on various facilities in the Porsche Experience Center (PECLA) in Los Angeles,

→ [Reference article] I went to the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles (Part 1)

Today is the second part. Many different Porsches are parked in the PECLA parking lot, so it's fun just watching it.911, Boxster, Cayman, Makan, Cayenne(There was no Panamera)Perhaps about 150 units were stopped, includingI guess. There were many body colors of Porsche that I did not see much in Japan and it was beautiful.

Well, that's why today's second part article would like to introduce 10 Porsche, one from classic familiar cars to new models, which were exhibited at the entrance of PECLA.

New type, race car

Porsches are lined up in the exhibition space in this way. This is a picture taken from the back, but Porsche is in three rows and it is beautifully displayed and explanation of the car type is done next to each car.

① Porsche 918 Spyder

First"This is really cool!"I thought, 918 spyder. It resembles the form of "Mission E" before Porsche's electric car "Tycan" is announced. The car of such a form actually is on the market. It is limited production of only 918 units worldwide in 2015, it seems that it sold out soon.

②GT2RS (Weisach package)

And this was the one that was exhibited at the back of the center. The Weisach package of GT2RS. It's amazing ... It's a Weisach package that costs over 3 million yen as an option. As I approached it, I found out that carbon was used everywhere. That 's why it gets higher.

③ Porsche 919 Hybrid sports

919 hybrid of race car. Since I have only seen the "919 Hybrid Evo" and "919 Hybrid Tribute" of the white car body"Body color is white when speaking of 919"I was used to seeing it, but red is also really cool. Even so, this big logo of "DMG MORI" ... I guess he is paying a great amount of advertisement fee (lol)

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