Porsche's new model launch information as of August 2018 Summary-911, Boxster Spider, Cayenne Coupe, etc.

911 Porsche
Porsche Makan

About Porsche new model release information

I have been checking Porsche's latest news with Google alerts for a while. Information on various campaigns, contents of a press conference, information on new model cars will be delivered around 10 everyday every day,Recently "Porsche's new model release information" is too much confusingI have done it.

"Finally the whole picture of Boxster Spider is revealed!" "Spy shot of the new 911!"Although it is often described in the article that "Cayman GT 4 will be announced in June", it is said that it has not come out yet, or if it is thought whether 911 speed star comes out, it may be GT 3 Convertible , As information also often turns two or three times ...I will organize the "Porsche new model announcement information as of August 2018"It was to be.

Summary of new car presentation situation

By the way, as far as I know now"New car announcement information as of August 2018"Is as follows. Many things are uncertain whether or not they will be released yet. My husband said,"Porsche's official youtube "Porsche channel"The release is confirmed when the movie is released with"Although it seems to be, the only movies released so far are "Makan" and "Taikan".

Situation Car model Presentation / Japan release
Confirm Makan Presentation: Shanghai Premier (2018/7)
Japan release: 2019
Confirm Tykan Presentation: 2018/6
Japan release: 2020
To be determined New model 911 Presentation expectation: Paris Motor Show (2018/10) or
Los Angeles Motor Show (2018/11)
To be determined 718 Boxster spider Presentation forecast: World Premier (2018 / second half)
* Simultaneous announcement with Cayman GT 4
To be determined 718 Cayman GT 4 Presentation forecast: World Premier (2018 / second half)
* Simultaneous announcement with Boxster spider
To be determined 911 Speed ​​Star or GT 3 Convertible Presentation: Goodwood Festival (2018/7)
* Only a concept car is unveiled
To be determined Cayenne Coupe Presentation forecast: World Premier (2019)

So, I think that we will check one model at a time.

① Makan

Regarding the release of the new Macan, it is already announced at the Shanghai Premier the other day and will be released next year in Japan. In the new model Makan's youtube video"Three-dimensional LED taillight, headlights are equipped as standard LED, new Porsche Communication Management (PCM) 11 inch touch screen, optional GT sports steering can be installed"It is introduced.

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② Tykan

The launch was announced in June this year, production is scheduled to commence from 2019, but it seems that there are already many orders in Europe.Taycan (Taycan) means "an animated young horse", naming based on the image of a whipped horse drawn in the center of Porsche CrestIt has become. Taikan has introduced "PMSM" which applied "919 hybrid" technology which has won the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race with 4 WD of maximum output 600 ps or more.

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