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Japan ... hot ...

Summer in Japan is hot ... or humidity is tough. Last weekend I came back from the US, my husband went to work, my daughter also went to kindergarten, and finally my normal life came back.Regarding blogs, the contents on San Francisco / Los Angeles trip will be the last this time.So today I would like to introduce the tourism in Los Angeles.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are flying for an hour and a half by airplane, but instead of San Francisco who was a bit chilly even with long sleeves,The sun was strong and it was very hot in Los Angeles.However, it is cool when entering the shade, wind is in the morning and the night with the climate like early fall of Japan, so it was easy to spend sunshine measures.

In Los Angeles, borrowed Mercedes · Benz GLS 450 and moved all the time.

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To MALIBU CAFE (Malibu Cafe)

The first thing I went to Ross was "MALIBU CAFE (Malibu Cafe)". Find yourself on the net while my husband is in Japan"I'd like to visit this because the children are also happy."It is a place I was saying. At a famous cafe in Malibu, California resortOn a large site, there is a pond and a fountain, a place like a park rather than a cafeIt is.

From the road along the sea of ​​Malibu enter the mountain path and run the car for about 10 minutes"Is there a cafe in such place?"There was a Malibu cafe in a corner of dry land filled with sand enough to worry. Stop the car and go to the store immediately. ... I do not know where it is from inside (baku) Entrance seems to enter from inside.

There is a receptionist when entering, and confirm the availability of the seat of restaurant (cafe?) Here. We arrived at around 14:30, so the shops did not have any customers, we put them in without difficulties.(There will be no more seats when going for lunch)

From the receptionist to the restaurant, if you cross the street on the right side, you can reach it, but "Do you have a cafe in this place?" And proceed a road a little uneasy. Lawn and playground will be visible on the left hand, so children are able to raise the tension even at this point.

All restaurants in the cafe were terrace seats. Because it is outdoors,Often leaves fall from above, and insects often fly away (laugh)It was a nice feeling, but it was a nice space to enjoy meals in a natural atmosphere.

Besides the set of hamburgers and potatoes, the menu also had salads, soups, pasta and so on. There were several kinds of kids menu, and children asked for pasta, but even adults were delicious enough in adequate amount. By the way, I asked for "Cobb salad", but I was surprised to see a huge amount of salad in the stainless steel balls.(But I could eat all of them normally)

Also, when eating,It was lovely to come to a potato duck or chicken fallen. In Japan it seems there is a note saying "Please do not feed!" There is not such a thing here, feeling that everyone has a moderation and is in touch with animals. After we finished eating, we went to the grass square on the lower side.

The sign of "#MARIBU CAFE" tree? There was something like that.Awesome, this is an instant shine (lol)The grass is very pleasant here and it has become a moderate inclination, so the children were sliding and playing while talking about Kya.

When walking a bit, there are ponds, bridges, fountains, etc. and feel that you can enjoy a walk in nature. I do not think that such a cafe is first in Japan(Have you been to Hokkaido or something?)If you go sightseeing in Los Angeles, I think that it is worth visiting. By the way, it was 2 hours drive from Los Angeles Airport by car.

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