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President Akio Toyoda gets a public statement "Make automobile taxes in Japan cheap!" - I tried to see if car purchasers really increased

Car and life

High automobile tax in Japan

A little while ago, Toyota Akio President, Toyota who took over as chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association"Since Japan's automobile tax is too high, I want all car taxes to be mini-car levels."Articles that had been professed were being shared on the net.

"I'd like to match all the taxes on cars to minicars, because light vehicles are as good as public vehicles if going to rural areas,By matching the tax of ordinary cars to light vehicles, finally international standardsbecome"

It was that. I see…! By the way, the Japanese automobile tax as of August 2018 is as follows.

① Private passenger car
【Total displacement: Tax amount】
1 L or less: 29,500 yen
From 1 L to 1.5 L: 34,500 yen
Less than 1.5 L to less than 2.0 L: 39,500 yen
L from 2.0 L to 2.5 L or below: 45,000 yen
From 2.5 L to 3.0 L: 51,000 yen
Less than 3.0 L to 3.5 L: 58,000 yen
Less than 3.5 L to 4.0 L: 66,500 yen
Less than 4.0 L to 4.5 L or less: 76,500 yen
Less than 4.5 L to 6.0 L or less: 88,000 yen
Less than 6.0 L: 111 000 yen
② private passenger cars
【Total displacement: Tax amount】
Flat: 10,800 yen

* Source: What is the automobile tax / light motor vehicle tax that occurs each year?

Certainly high .... Moreover,Although it seems to be a little convinced if it is used for something about cars, such as renewal of highway and measures to alleviate congestion, use is unknownIt seems. In comparison with overseas, the Japanese automobile tax is so high.

* Source: Toyoda Akira chairman, "All taxes on automobiles are on light mini vehicles!" Japan is 31 times

About 2.4 times in the UK, about 2.8 times in Germany, about 31 times in America ...! !

Annual maintenance fee will be substantial

When you purchase a car, you will also incur maintenance costs such as parking fee, highway toll, gasoline fee, insurance fee, car inspection fee in addition to car tax. I bought a car, but I also listen to the story that I have to give up, before, I calculated the actual annual maintenance cost of Boxster and Panamera, but it was expensive and donated ((゚ Д ゚) ).

→ [Reference article] 981 I calculated the annual maintenance cost of Boxster GTS - gasoline fee, oil change, car insurance, fuel consumption etc.
→ [Reference article] What is the result of calculating the actual annual maintenance cost of the new Panamera Turbo?

If you think about that, it is very pleasing for automakers to own cheap car taxes now.

Just ... In a certain article"If the tax burden on cars decreases, users who enjoy car life may increase at once."Although it was written, as the automobile tax cheapened,Will a person who does not own a car now will purchase a new car?

I gave four reasons

I think that 'Automobile tax is high' can be one of the reasons for going a little bit on buying a car,Where I made a cheap automobile tax, the more people buy a car, the more it is not that simple storyI gave some reasons why I thought.

① Japanese income is decreasing

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Employment structure basic surveyAccording to the report, it seems that the median income for men in the early 40's of working height is decreasing by about 500,000 yen compared to 25 years ago.The median income for 1992 was 52.41 million yen, the median income for 2017 was 471700 yen.Since this is income before taxes, it will fall further if you think about by take.* Source: early 40's Median income for men

Nonetheless, since the number of households working together is increasing(It is certainly over 60% of all households)If you look at the annual household income it will be more,To the loan of my home, to the education expenses of the child, to the cost of living ...And it is difficult to buy a car that costs millions of yen in addition to various kinds of money.

By the way, our house"Do not buy my home, a good idea to move to a rental property that fits that occasional lifestyle"It is.(Who is not interested?)

② In Japan the railway network is developed

I felt that I went to the United States the other day that the railway network in Japan is very developed. It may be said that the land is narrow,Regarding the movement of the city center, there are a lot of subway and JR running, and the long distance traveling across the prefecture is faster and easier than using a bullet train or express trainIt is.

Also, when you move in the city by car, it is hard to find a parking lot and you can not afford it when you get caught in a traffic jam, and even if you own a car in a city you get a high parking age. Then, it is inconvenient to spend money, so there is not much merit to own a car.

③ Japan's car (motor sports) culture is not rooted

Overseas is a horse carriage culture originally, F1 and motor sports are far more active than Japan. There are many spectators in the race to be held at the circuit, and as the state of the race is well relayed on TV,There are many opportunities to touch the car and there is a positive image for the carI think so.

Meanwhile, Japan was originally a hiking culture, and the image of "car = luxury goods" also persisted deeply. Also, it is unlikely that sports program will take up motor sports, there are very few opportunities to get in touch with cars or get in touch with cars.

④ Japan has few roads to demonstrate the performance of the car

I always think"Even if I run in Japanese way with a Panamera turbo, I can not make it demonstrate its performance at all"That means that it's always around 1000 revolutions, so I guess Panamera will sleep as it is ... w wonder if that's the case. The expressway speed limit is also 80 km / h(Some 110 km / h or soWonder)Or, there are few straight lines.

Germany has almost the same size as Japan and the country, but since there are plains in many places,There are many straight-line outbursts and a romantic road that you can feel comfortable in the plainBut in Japan there are many mountains and there are few plains so there are not many such ways. So when I bought a car with a good performance, I have no opportunity to taste the pleasure of running.

... and even though I thought for a while now it will come out so much, so deep - rooted problems seem to have more serious problems.

AlthoughIt is hard to feel the merit of having a car in Japan "income goes down, transportation means train is convenient, car maintenance cost and tax is high"So, in the case of cars in Japan, the meaning of "means of transport" is strong, so I think that it will be said that minivans that lighter cars and luggage are enough are enough.

Domestic automobile manufacturers also have fun cars.

What is important to make cars more popular in Japan than now? Well motor journalists and car lovers are often"Japanese car makers also want to develop more fun cars"You say, but it certainly may be.

In this regard, James May, one of the hosts of Britain's former popular car program "Top Gear""Why recent cars are boring"I was talking about this.

He does not like cars he plans,
He who does not like cars designs,
He does not like cars and he develops,
He who does not like cars tests,
I do not like cars Manufactured by him,
He does not like cars and he inspects it,
It is because people who do not like cars sell.

I see. This might be the case for Japan as well.

Structural problems in Japan

After all, in terms of ideal ... absolutely not such a thing"If you buy a car you are exempt from income tax, you can buy a car by hometown tax payment(It seems there was something like this ... is illegal)"With such a tax deduction scheme, people who buy a car seem to be increasing (laugh). Well it's not absolute.

As Japan's tax system works,If you earn a lot of money, you earn a higher rate of taxes on income so that you earn more taxes.

Also, although it has nothing to do with cars ... Although Japan is saying measures against declining birthrate,"The more you work as you work together and give birth to a child, the more you have to pay for a nursery school."It is structured.

My acquaintance working mother has three children, but since my husband and wife earn Bali Bali, the monthly fee of the approved nursery is in the zone of MAX(Because income tax and nursery school fee are linked with each other).When three children are deposited in the nursery school, it costs about 300,000 yen per month

"Working desperately, less time with children, much of the money I earned disappears at the nursery school fee ... I do not know what I am working for, so if you are a full-time housewife It might be nice. "I had said before.

Although the talk got big, it seems that it is very good for people who like cars to be reformed or implemented on the top of the industry, so President Toyoda, for the development of car culture in Japan, Please do your best!ヽ (゚ д ゚) ノ

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