What are the mandatory or unnecessary options when purchasing a Porsche? - The view of the husband who purchased Boxter GTS

981 Boxster GTS
Porsche options

Porsche too many options

On Porsche's official website, I thought to follow up when I was watching 911 specifications, but Porsche has a lot of options that I can choose at the time of purchase. It is good to put all the things that you wanted to wear,If so, 4 million yen will be exceeded lightly just by the option feeI can not do that, I put it again, but even if there is an option saying "I did not need it after all" is wasteful.

So, with regard to the option of 981 Boxster GTS her husband bought in 2015,

① Apply correctly! What I think
② I have not put on, but I think it was good to put on ~
③ I gave it, though I think that I do not need it now

I decided to ask about this time.

Baxter - GTS specification

981 Boxster GTS delivered in November 2015."2015 Handle LHD mission MT interior black (all leather)", "Sports Chrono Package", "Sports Exhaust System", "Porsche Active Suspension Management System (PASM)", "Bi-Xenon Headlight with Black Finish Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)" become GTS Standard Equipment ing.

My husband often"If you buy a Porsche, sports chrono and sport exhaust are absolutely indispensable for any car type."The options that my husband added when purchasing on it are as follows.(Because it is an option name when ordering in 2015, it may be slightly different from now)

Model name Emblem remove ¥ 0
Rollover bar body Same color ¥ 92,000
Electric retractable door mirror ¥ 55,000
20 inch Carrera S wheel ¥ 0
Seat heater (Temperature 2 steps adjustable) Left and right ¥ 76,000
Smoker package ¥ 0
Alcántara package remove ¥ 0
floor mat ¥ 20,000
Sports seat plus (2 steps, motorized) ¥ 0
3 spoke sports steering wheel ¥ 0
Gray band front window ¥ 21,000

1) Turn on the correct answer! Options

My husband seemed to want to have a simple design and interior that will not get tired of getting on for a long time. So,The meter in the middle turns red, the seat becomes red stitching in black leather ... ... etc "GTS communication package" could not be attachedThat's it. Also,

"It looks like an ordinary Boxster, and if you look closely well you know" GTS "is a" stylish GTS "(That is called "chic" ... I guess it's changing ... haha)

He said that, from a person who went to the touring together before, on the day off"Well, I thought this is GTS !? Boxter S or something!"It seems that she was surprised and said that it was exactly right. That's why, first of all, about options that I think is "Correctly put on!" Mainly the following four.

① Electric retractable door mirror
② Rollover bar body Same color
③ Alcantara package removal
④ Model name emblem deleted

① Electric retractable door mirror

Without this option, you have to close the door mirror by hand each time. Also when you stop at the resident parking, even if you are told by the person in charge that "Please close the door mirror", it is troublesome to get off outside and close the door mirror every time, so it was nice to leave it absolutely electric He said.

② Rollover bar body Same color

My husband Boxster has a rollover bar in the same color as the body. Usually in black(Aluminum specification can also be selected as option)Although it seems to be thought that it was cool in black ... Because people who are painting this body in the same color are rare, they often said that they are said to be "beautiful from the surroundings" and it was good to have the same color .

③ Alcantara package removal

My husband is purposely deleting all the Alcantara packages. When selling, Alcantara should be bought somewhat higher, but he seems to like leather seats even if it is deducted.(Please see here because it is written in another article about why you are purposely deleting Alcantara packages ↓ ↓)

→ [Reference article] 981 I shot the interior of Boxster GTS with a single lens reflex - leather seat, center console, dashboard etc.

④ Model Name Emblem Delete:I deleted the boxster GTS model name emblem and made it "PORSCHE" only, I feel that I like it because it makes me feel refreshed. By the way, in Germany, it is popular to only make this "PORSCHE".

2) I should have turned on! option

Next, I did not turn on after I got lost, but afterwards"I wish I had it on"I thought about options. Mainly three.

① Seat ventilation
② Automatic anti-glare mirror (+ rain sensor wiper)
③ PTV (Porsche Torque Vectorling)

① Seat ventilation

She is wearing a heater, but he seems to have thought that it would have been better to put a seat ventilation. When I get into a car on a hot summer day or when I run open, I think that I can enjoy a cool and comfortable drive with a seat ventilation. That's why Panemera purchased afterwards attached a seat ventilation function. By the way, the option fee is 152,000 yen.

② Automatic anti-glare mirror

When the room mirror is equipped with a sensor and the light of the following car is dazzling, it is a function that automatically dims the appearance, but her husband did not want this function"I wanted a rain sensor wiper function, which comes with the included auto-dimming mirror option when selected"And that.

"Rain sensor wiper function" is a function that the wiper will automatically operate when it rains completely, this is not attached to her husband Boxster ...Even if it rains, unless you move it manually, the wiper will not work so it will be tiresomeHe said. By the way, the option fee is 80,000 yen. I wish I could put on automatic wipers from the beginning ... ヽ (゚ д ゚) ノ.

③ PTV (Porsche Torque Vectorling)

It is a function to improve the turnability by braking the rear wheel in coordination with the rear differential. When wearing this, it should have attached since the way the curve bends is quite different.

In addition to the above, my husband does not need it"People who listen to music in the car, it's better to have absolute BOSE on"He said. Because"The sound quality of standard speakers is bad in anything we have so far"(Laugh) It sounds like a cheesy sound like an AM radio.

"From my usual BGM cheers from people who want to hear engine sounds, but it sounds bad as I am surprised when attached occasionally."

3) Option that I added but does not need

Finally, about the option that I thought would not be necessary though. that is,

Gray band front window

something like. It is grayed on the strip on the windshield,Because it shields direct sunlight, dazzling is alleviated or it becomes difficult to see somewhat insideThat's right, I did not need it, either because it does not change or it does not change.

Besides, Baxter GTS has standard equipment as PASM, but my husband said that it is better to attach PASM as an option, even if it is not attached, I would like to introduce this in another article again.

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