Porsche's new model launch information as of August 2018 Summary-911, Boxster Spider, Cayenne Coupe, etc.

911 Porsche
Porsche Makan

③ 911

The other day, the picture the new 911 is traveling on the street was caught by the car WEB Deer.The rear of the new 911 is equipped with a wrap around tail light tied with LED stripsHas been done. Happiness looks just like Panamera. Moreover, it seems that the bumper has become a new design, and the position of the license plate is also moving to the bottom.

The 3L horizontally opposed 6 cylinder turbo engine is installed, and the normal model, "S", will be launched in the year 2021, the first PHEV model will be introduced with a maximum output of about 420 ps.

* Articles / Images Source: Porsche 911 All-in-one looks at the end, new designs and detailed shots of detail

④ 718 Boxster spider

About the information of Boxster Spider, it had been a long time ago, but as the information was not decided so easily, the appearance of the development vehicle with the roof fully opened for the first time was caught for the first time the other day. By the way my husband"It's attractive if it comes with a GT 3 NA engine really."I have made an appointment with a dealer(It is said that the release timing etc. is yet to be determined, but it is said to reserve it for the time being)According to the article, the official announcement will be made in the second half of this year ... feeling.

About the engine4 L horizontally opposed 6 cylinder NA engine ported from "911 GT 3"It seems to be equipped. Also,6 speed MT standard equipment, 7 speed PDK optionIt is said to be provided at.
* Articles and images Source: Porsche 718 Boxster "Spider" final design is exposed! The roof is also fully opened

⑤ 718 Cayman GT 4

The 981 type Cayman GT 4 was equipped with 3.4 L · horizontally opposed 6 cylinder · naturally aspirated (NA) engine. Since then 718 Cayman was released with a turbo engine instead of NA, it was rumored that "718 Cayman GT 4 is also equipped with a turbo engine?",For now the NA engine is also adopted for 718 Cayman GT 4It seems to be a prospect. further,Maintain manual transmission (MT)Planned to be.

* Articles and images Source: Porsche 718 Cayman GT 4 4.0 liter flat 6 mounted pure sports! 【Updated on 7/28】

⑥ 911 Speed ​​star

On June 8, Porsche announced the model "911 Speedster Concept" commemorating the 70th anniversary of its foundation.

Originally released 911 Speed ​​Star was expected to be a commercial model of this concept model, but looking at the final design seems to be a completely different "911 Speed ​​Star".Rather than Speedster, the latest mix design of "911 Convertible" and "911 GT 3"It is said that it will be announced as a speed star in the form of, or it will be announced as GT 3 Convertible yet.

Regarding the announcement time, there is information that it has been since 2019, and there is also information that this fall of this year before the new type "911" was announced, it is a situation that can not be concluded.

* Article · Image Source: Porsche 911 Speed ​​Star, this is the final design! To a different model from the concept

⑦ Cayenne Coupe

"Cayenne" sold in 2002 got a big hit all over the world, finally the new Cayenne finally got released in Japan last July. And furthermore, the test car of the new Cayenne Coupe was scooped, and the announcement of "Cayenne Coupe", which had been rumored before, became more and more real.

Actually, "Porsche Oliver Blume is giving a go-ahead to the 3rd generation Cayenne coupe specification," a person in the development department of Porsche revealed.

* Article · Image Source: Porsche New Cayenne Coupe The real scoop! Release date is 2020? Predict price and spec

Check trends in the future!

Thus, at the moment Porsche's new model car release prediction(Including confirmation)It is. Well, at the same time it is really tough to proceed with a new type of development of this kind of car. I am not good at concurrently doing multiple things at the same time at the same time(It will be concentrated on one point by all means),Managers and people responsible who bring these things together at the same time are insanely superior ...Today these days I am impressed with something I do not care. If the new model release is confirmed, I would like to introduce it in the blog in the future.

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