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Alfa Romeo, Julia

If you notice, the number of readers will be 85 people. Thank you…. The other day my husband,Alfa Romeo's new JuliaI requested the information on the material, and showed me the catalog that arrived. I almost do not know about Alfa Romeo,"Julia? Romeo and Juliet? What is that?"Because I do not know as much as to say things like that, my husband had taught me variously.

Since Alfa Romeo entered the Fiat group, it seems that he did not have the sports car he expected, and certainly there are many things that is not good for the reviews of cars released by Alfa Romeo.

However Julia of this time is quite highly appreciated at the review of the Internet and television. I have not been in Japan yet and I can not test drive,"Alfa Romeo made a car that I wanted to get on at last!"My husband seemed to be getting excited.

Events in the car

And the next day, when I went out by car with my family. While my husband was running in the left lane, I saw the car going over with the right lane one by one and taught the eldest daughter, "This is a car that is ● ●, this is ● the same car as my grandpa" . My daughter was also curious that "What is this?", About 20 minutes all this time I was talking about that.

And at that time the eldest daughter told such a thing.

Dad, where is Julia?

Me: "Wha? Julia? Who?"
My daughter: "Julia is that guy who was at home."
Husband: "Maybe you are talking about Alfa Romeo's Julia?"
Me: "Oh, what about the red car I saw at home?"
Daughter: "Yeah, Julia."

Oh, a terrible 3 year old child ...

Surely I was watching something sideways, pointing at me, but I remember my name .... Besides, Hanako is not a Japanese name, it is a familiar name of Julia - I know well that children frequently listen to parental conversation.

I guess I have heard many things from my everyday ... I thought again that I should take care of the conversation a bit.


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