Participate in the Porsche Experience Day & watch the Porsche Carrera Cup @ Fuji Speedway

Porsche Experience Day 2018

To Porsche Experience Day

Finally today."Porsche Experience Day"s Day. We had rain yesterday and a clear sky was visible this morning.

Alright, it feels nice.

In participating in this eventWhat I thought "We can not be the most!" Is "participate in a parade run". With the first-come-first-served basis of 70 cars, we can run Fuji Speedway with our own Porsche.

I started departing from 8 o'clock in the morning, leaving the hotel at 7 am,

It was around 7:40 that I got to the site.

There ... already long lines! !

"Er ... I thought this was a little impossible!" I was thinking, but I managed to get the 44th.

It was good - ε - ('∀ `*)

Meanwhile, my husband was lined up for reservation of a program that a professional photographer took a picture of in his car, which I could take without problems.

Various Porsche

When I look at the parking lot at the end of reception,Various Porsches were stopped, including vehicles that I had not seen before, and the spectacle scene was spreading.After all, there was only Porsche's event, Porsche was all right(Shoseorō?I thought it would be a big deal if missiles were dropped here now ...

911 classic and,

911 50,

Boxster spiders too!

It was all cool!

Porsche Lounge

After taking a picture of Porsche stopping in the parking lot, we went to Porsche Lounge, but this is another long line. It is a bit spicy as a couple who dislikes lined up, but there is no choice but to do this. After completing the reception,

I got a 70th anniversary souvenir,

When inside the lounge the inside looks like this.

356 cakes? There was also an object like it. Looks delicious (lol)

While doing so, it's time for the grid walk ...(Again long line)

This time 919 hybrid tribute(It was not Evo)You can see it, people around them are giving up photos.(She seems to be able to take her husband)

And we were able to see Panamera and Panamera Turismo on the parade leaders as well.

It is cool again when two sets are arranged side by side. And white is smart.

Commemorative photo of the car Porsche

While I was doing it, it was time to take a picture of my favorite car in the blink of an eye, I walked from the paddock to the parking lot and to the shooting point.

If you thought "just shoot me", three-dimensional art of "356" is written on the floor,

Stop the car at the shooting point and shoot from the front, what a nice picture like this!

This was a nice memorial!

Watch the Porsche Carrera Cup

Meanwhile, the Porsche Carrera Cup final race was held, taking photos from the audience seats,

(Haha I was desperately shooting with a telephoto lens)

Returning to the Porsche Lounge, it was already time for lunch buffet, but unfortunately I could not get in the seat with full ... ... so I wrote a blog on the terrace seat on the third floor like this.

Then, as the sunny weather gradually became visible, it seems to be more sunny around the parade run. what about.

For her parade run today her husband,

"I have ran into Fuji and I can drive."

Because it said, I was supposed to drive.

Circuit debut! (゚ ∀ ゚)! !

Let's do it if it gets stuck in charm (laugh) So let's write about the parade run in a separate article. So now I will be watching the Porsche Lelaccup Asia!

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