After delivering the Porsche Panamera, I ran the second Hakone Turnpike ...

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
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Finally to Fuji Speedway

I have been waiting for it today."Porsche Experience Day"It is the first day of. It will be held in two days on Saturdays and Sundays, but we decided to participate on the 17th tomorrow. However, because participation with a 4 year old child and a 1 year old child was predicted to be difficult to transcend, this morning to get up at 5 o'clock and leave their daughters to their parents, first to my parents home. Couples packed their bags in Porsche luc,

... It is too cheap with my husband and wife (-_-)

Gasoline is also full, car washing, car body shiny, the amount of engine oil is no problem, that's why departure!

Departing at Panamera in sunny weather

Today's Kansai was very fine and it was nice weather.

(Shot in front of my parents house, it is a sunny day!)

Actually, I went to see the WEC at Fuji Speedway in October last year,We stopped the race from interrupting the red flag due to dense fog, and also Hakone Turnpike could not run as I thought because of the dense fog, of course I could not see a millimeter of Mt. Fuji ...So, I was excited about expectation that "Today is the revenge!", I ran the car.

By the way, I wrote last year about this article.

So after having deposited my daughters at my parents' house, I decided to head for Hakone Turnpike for a while ... how fine was the sky until halfway, but the clouds gradually became suspicious from around where I passed Hamamatsu It is getting on.

That, this, this patan is very bad ... (- _ -)

And when I came in front of Hakone Turnpike, there was a fairly good mist on the floor.

After all ... (cry) also to my husband

"Why are you going to be like this when you come along, I will never get such a bad weather when I come to the touring alone."

I was told with a shaky face. ... I'm sorry, I have no words to return.

I spent six hours from Kansai all the way but it can not be helped. When I ran this way as Hakone Turnpike and went to the summit, I decided to look for another driveway because I could not run as I thought because of the thick fog. Where my husband was watching live video of various driveways"The Nishi Izu skyline seems to be still OK!"So I decided to let the car go south in a hurry.

Nishiizu Skyline

On the way towards the Nishi Izu skyline,

"The Nishi Izu skyline is the most favorite road I have ever traveled. It is OK even if it does not have to be sunny, at least I hope to run while looking at the scenery."

He said. Is it so, it is such a beautiful road. As I ask, I will not say luxury to sunny, so at least the field of vision is open.

And one hour to drive the car with a feeling like half-pray. At the foot we had the weather, but as the altitude rose, it gradually became disgusting.

Oh yeah ... this feeling is very stupid ... and in a minute it will be in this state.

No-one!(Thick fog)

... I can not even see another meter ahead.

I stopped by looking at the marker of "P" that I saw with my wife, but my husband was also laughing at passing through amazed by fluff. Then,

Well ... when I went on a trip to Germany, Neuschwanstein castle was not seen as a dense fog, and the Aoyama plateau did not seem to be a dense fog, too, last year's WEC was also dense fog stopping the race and the aurora was also twice I went to see it and I could not see it even twice? And today this dense fog ...Rain girls rather than misty women! !

When. No, really, you are right. "Rain girl" rather than rain girl. And my husband continued like this.

Manucera or Manuça! I can imagine that Manuça is being wakened!
* Manousa ... Defense spells that appear in the Dragon Quest series. Wrap an enemy 1 group in a phantom and reduce the hit rate of hit attacks.

And ... I do not know what "ManuasaThe couple who spotted on my mind stopped laughing from there, in a good sense I gave up and eventually stopped running and decided to head to the hotel.

Join the Porsche Parade Run!

We are going home on Monday the 18th, but since the 919 hybrid tribute travels on Hakone Turnpike on a reserved basis, Hakone Turnpike can not run anymore(And forecast of heavy rain on Monday)Moreover, since I do not know what to do already if I can not run the circuit parade run of 70 first-come arrivals tomorrow,Tomorrow, I'd like to arrive at Fuji Speedway at 7 o'clock, surely entering 70 first names!

Good news! (゚ ∀ ゚)

But because it is in the fog it is good to have a nice picture of Panamera.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo

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