Panamera 8 months after delivery, what is the actual total fuel consumption in approximately 8,700 km running?

New type Panamera turbo fuel economy
Porsche Panamera

Panamera car wash timing

Well, tomorrow will finally be held at Fuji Speedway"Porsche Experience Day"Leave for you! ... So for a few days ago"When to wash Panamera"I was discussing with my husband while watching the weather forecast.

Husband: "The best thing is to wash it on Friday, but,Friday is rainyWould you like to wash it on Thursday?
Me: "But on Friday I will get dirty as I use it with my daughter's dentist or a nursery school."
Husband: "But evenForecast for rainfall after noon on FridayOr rather from me, I may be going to work in Panamera on Friday and clean up on the way back after getting back on the way back. No, but will it get dirty again like a wheel? "
Me: "But whateverSaturdayIt will become dirty where I cleaned out rain "

While saying that, after all, my husband left the company in Panamera yesterday and got hand washing cars on the way home.

3 ruling rules on driving today

However, because it rained this morning from the morning, my husband took this morning and thought out about this in the morning.

Well, for today's driving,
(1) Do not take a splash of splashing enough distance from the preceding car
② to avoid avoiding puddles
③ Drive the mushrooms so that the splashes do not rise to the utmost
Drive in mind. If this is the case the wheel is hard to get dirty, if the body dirty, the worst will be managed!

... Oh, oh.

As I was driving the instructions of my husband by being aiding in getting the point of consent, the wheel is still beautiful so far (laugh)

Panamera Total fuel consumption after deliveries?

Before going to Fuji, I decided to check a little about fuel economy and mileage of the current Panamera. The meter's mileage screen"Cumulative"Switching to, the cumulative fuel consumption up to now comes out after delivery(I did not know until now),according to it

· Delivery date: October 12, 2017 (about 8 months after delivery)
· Traveling time: 247: 36H
Distance: 8791.0 km
· Cumulative average: 14.2 l / 100 km
· Average speed: 37 km / h

And that. Here is the problem of hooking ... Looking at this fuel economy"Average fuel economy of 14 km / l is Meccha ya Ya!"I would like to dance with ... ... I misunderstood that before,

The indication of the meter of our home Panamera is that the husband"ℓ l / 100 km)" rather than "how many kilometers can run per liter (km km / l)" rather than "Because it is written in notation(The latter is common in Europe),Calculating again with the Japanese notation ...

Mileage "7.0 km / l".

It can not be said that it is nice.(-_-)In the catalog value,

· Overall average: 10.6 km / l (9.4 - 9.3 l / 100 km)
Urban area: 7.7 km / l (12.9 - 12.8 l / 100 km)
· 100 km / h Cruise: 13.6 km / l (7.3 - 7.2 l / 100 km)
* Pass Road: 5.3 km / l - this is not listed in the catalog value, but in the car graphic study this value

As it is, our home,I mostly run in an urban area with a lot of traffic lights, and my husband also travels over the pass road such as Ashikari more than the ordinary householdConsidering that, it seems to be a reasonable figure.

Panamera Turbo fuel efficiency is not bad

When I took the husband saying "No, really Panamera Turbo fuel economy is too bad"

But it is bigger than 2 tons, with 4LV 8 twin turbo (550 horsepower) this fuel mileage is a lot of people thinking from other manufacturers.

I told my husband.

Is it so. so,Comparing fuel economy of Panasonic Turbo with fuel efficiency of similar type of engine from "Mercedes · Benz", "Lexus" and "BMW"To try it. Also, since I wanted to know the actual fuel consumption rather than the catalog value, I decided to check the data from the test drive of automobile media and individual blog.

The result is below.

① Mercedes · Benz S63 AMG 4MATIC Long (5.5 liter V8 twin turbo engine)
8.9 km / l
→ Reference article: Mercedes · Benz S 63 AMG 4 MATIC Long (4 WD / 7 AT) [Test Driver]
② Lexus LC 500 (5 liter V type 8 cylinder NA engine)
Average: 9.0 km / l Urban area: 6.2 km / l, Highway: 11.8 km / l
→ Reference article: I do not care about fuel economy but I am curious! Lexus LC 500 test drive & fuel consumption report (1/2)
③ BMW M5 (4.4 liter V8 twin turbo engine)
Average: 6.0 km / l Urban area: 4.4 km / l, Highway: 7.4 km / l
→ Reference article: BMW M5 (F10) Thorough explanation on specifications and price and evaluation


Well ... How is it? (* _ *) (Haha)

"Panamera Turbo has better mileage compared to other manufacturers' model"I tried to find out the result that I expected, but I do not understand the difference somewhat. Anything is better for other manufacturers.

In the first place, as for the model of the manufacturer other than Porsche, I am not quite as detailed as to say it at all, so it was good to compare with such a car Mystery (explosion)

Porsche gives better values than catalog value

However, I can say only this. Porsche actually gets an absolutely better figure than the catalog value when actually riding. In the past, car graphics was thoroughly verified, but despite being a rather bad condition, there were still better results than the catalog value.

→ 【Reference Article】Is the Porsche catalog value really accurate? I examined Panamera with CG magazine.

So"Porsche is a trustworthy manufacturer"I forcibly conclude the article of today.

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