6/18 (Monday) "Porsche 919 Hybrid · Evo" is running in Hakone Turnpike! What?


I found such a news article yesterday.

In "Porsche Sports Car 70th Anniversary Hakone" "919 Hybrid · Evo" Move
→ Thereafter, on the AUTOCARJAPAN site, there was an error in the vehicle name, correctly added "919 tribute" corrected sentence

919 What is hybrid?For Porsche to enter the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC) and Le Mans 24 Hours race, the prototype racing car developed in 2014It is. In the Le Mans 24 hour race he won three victories and WEC showed a great run.

However, since Porsche announced that it will withdraw from WEC at the end in 2017, after that, it has become impossible to see that run in the race, now an irregular race car.

Faster than F1

And "919 hybrid · evo"Improved version of the 919 hybrid, which Porsche seriously remodeled after withdrawing from WEC.This car which took off all of the constraints of WEC's LMP 1 regulation and increased its ability to maximize the possibility, exceeded the course record of F1 at Spa · Francorchamps · circuit by 0.783 seconds and became the fastest topic since it became the fastest .

Awesome, F1 skip ahead, F1. I wrote about that in the previous article.

Porsche seriously remodeled the 919 hybrid. Eliminate the time of F1 and make it the fastest spa.

This "919 Hybrid Evo" is called a farewell run, this year around the world and running at various events,"Well I guess it will never come to Japan."I thought.

Meanwhile, it will be held at Fuji Speedway this weekend"Porsche Experience Day 2018"The news that the 919 hybrid · Evo runs in Hakone turnpike on the day after the first day was suddenly announced yesterday.

It is amazing! I do not know who called us, but thank you!(Was it called by Porsche Japan?)

On the 18th, we can go to Hakone Turnpike at first

By the way my home departed from my house on the 16th (Saturday), my daughters deposited with my parents, on the 17th (Sunday) I participated in the event of Fuji Speedway's "Porsche Experience Day", on the 18th ) So I planned to return to my daughters,I want to run the 919 Hybrid Evo on the 18th, anyhow.

I guess this is the last opportunity.

So when I emailed my husband

"Soya! Why do not you go anywhere! Look into the details."

Reply is. However, as I examine it, I will run on Hakone Turnpike on a short-term basis, so on 18th, Hakone Turnpike will be closed until evening.
Information on closing off due to events on June 18 (Monday)

Apparently, I seem to take videos to upload to youtube with Hakone Turnpike, so it seems that the general people can not see nearby. Sorry .... I wonder if I go nearby, maybe I can hear explosive sounds (lol)

But maybe we may be able to see you even at the Fuji Speedway, so if you do that, I will take absolute photos and I want to burn that run.

As I said so, Porsche Experience Day is already the day after tomorrow. I thought that it was still ahead ... fast.
... I mean that half of 2018 will be over!

Opposite Yagi LOL! ! !

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