Reason why a husband who likes sports cars is opposed to purchasing by his wife

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

I was not interested in the car at all

Currently I love Porsche Panamera. And my older brother two years older than I was a genuine Suvallist from olden days and still riding a legacy manual car.(It seems you want Levog now)I grew up in such an environment, so I never liked cars because I used to like cars from long ago.Rather, I am not interested in cars at all and for about 10 years I got my license and it was a paper driver.

More to say"A car is an unnecessary long article that only requires maintenance costs, so it is absolutely unnecessary"I thought. More to say,"People buying luxury cars or spending money on cars are crazy"I was stupid(Excuse me).

It was my husband that made me interested in cars.

Encounter with a car lover's husband

I met my husband around 28 years old seven years ago from now. My husband likes unrivaled cars."Because it's a movie showing a car of interest for 1 minute"Because of that reason, I bother to purchase a DVD for that movie or watch a car graphic TV that I had taken for a week at the weekend for hours. I watched the same VTR over and over again.

How about an air-cooled engine, NA is better than Turbo after all, engine sound is not a noise but a tone, really, it is a person who likes a car purely.

My husband was on the old dark blue BMW 318i when I was dating a while ago."I like this face unbearably."And"It's already at home ... I'm not running yet! I can run anywhere in this way!"As I was often told, I was thinking that "This guy is such a strange person" I heard beside him.

I said to such a husband, "I do not need anything to do anything if I move a car.""No, not! I do not understand anything about the car!"He frequently faced counterattacks.

Test drive review every weekend

Even after that at weekends, it was taken out to the drive(I have never done any train movement),

"German cars have different stability at high speeds"
"Here, even in the mountain path feeling a centrifugal force at all" Hurray!

It was a popular lecture like a maniac such as. Sometimes I ride a Japanese car,

"Since Japanese cars are not supposed to run on an autobahn like a German car, the stability is low when I ran on an expressway, maybe only for a town ride, Considering that, general Japanese cars are quite dangerous. "

He said.

Every weekend I was dating up to something like 'CarGraphic TV test drive review', so I thought that it would be nice to distribute this aspect on youtube anymore.

Such a life continued for a while and it got married, and I was brainwashed by my husband as expected. (W) The difference of the car got to know little by little ... Now that it became completely Panamera fan.

Husband wishing sports car vs opposing wife

From the surroundings as I am watching the net

"Since the sports car was opposed by my wife, I made it a one box car that the child can relax relaxedly and pack up my luggage." "Actually I want to ride a two-seater but it is impossible now, my wife will not forgive me"

There are times when you hear such voices. But it is not the fault of my wife but I think that my husband often has a cause. In other words,

The passion, the weakness of preparedness, the evidence and the presentation ability are just problems that can convince my wife

I think.

If you really want a sports car, you should get it whatever you do, and no matter how many times you are refused, you should do it again until you can purchase it.

So, as my husband tried to exploit the fact that I caught my Porsche purchase, I did not interested in cars, I tried again to write an article so if you are interested, please have a look.

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