Can Porsche not have any luggage? - The trunk of Panamera is quite large

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
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If you are not convinced of miniva ...

I think that there are many people who replace cars at the timing when children and families increase. Previously"Running is fun"And"Engine sound is good"People who said that, even when they meet again in a few years"Minivans can be loaded quite a lot! Super convenient!"Often it is like being a different person.

If you are convinced that you want a minivan or a one box car, that is fine at all but it really does not matter if you have other cars that you want to endure, you can not help but watch the husband in the world riding a minivan, It makes me somewhat complicated.

Although it is another person in red, "life, it is really okay? If you are dead tomorrow, you will absolutely regret" It seems to say.

Can not a pushchair get on?
Well then, do not push your stroller and go out with an ergo. There are many places to lend strollers in recent commercial facilities.

Can not buy bulky diapers or ingredients?
Then, you do not have to go get some diapers and ingredients. When asking for a diaper by Amazon, Mr. Yamato brings it the next day. Even if you order food ingredients at Aeon's net supermarket, whatever you order is available. I sometimes enough to go around Hankyu Oasis.

I can not go camping or skiing because I can not load it?
Then do not go camping or skiing. If you want to go absolutely, there are facilities that can be rented at all.

Is there space for loading a child seat in the back seat?
You can hit the driver 's seat and passenger seat as far as possible and bring back the seat back as much as possible. Driving upright immovable also seems to be respecting cars and can be likable.

Can not you get a suitcase for all for going on a trip with your family?
Pack all your family's luggage in one suitcase and go with the minimum amount of baggage you need. If you change your underwear, you will not die after wearing the same clothes and do not mind the surroundings. Why would I like to do the washing at the inn?

In my case, if I can not afford to ride Panamera for the reason of not loading luggage, I do not need a car any more.

No Panamera, No Life.

Panamera's trunk is big

... and, as I thought, here ...

Panamera can store luggage unexpectedly.

Even with the same Porsche, it is completely different from Boxter and 911(Boxster can also be loaded quite well). If you are a small stroller, you can pile up and you can even afford diapers and ingredients that you bought in bulk. Even if a child seat or a baby seat is installed in the rear seat, the driver's seat and passenger's seat are relaxed and the legs can be extended with sufficient margin. If the suitcase is also normal size, you can stack 2 pieces.

Panamera, as a sports car, loads lots of luggage,It is a wonderful car that combines both "driving" and "practicality".No, really, what a nice car ... I guess sighs get caught ... It is around this time.


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