What are the five reasons many people choose S class from Panamera?

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Panamera vsS class

One day I thought."Panamera is such a good car why many people will buy the same car class Mercedes · Benz S class"When.

The other day when the president of Shichigosanoki of Porsche Japan was appearing on the TV program of motor journalist Okazaki Goro"New Panamera sales are strong"As you said, it may be that popularity of Panamera is coming out if it is 971 compared with 970. However, in town, it is more overwhelming to see S class, and in my sense"About 15 units of S class, Panamera or about ..."I thought, but when I look it up"Sales volume of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche"There was such data about.

In 2016,Mercedes-BenzWorld's new car sales will update annual sales record for six consecutive years2.22 million 8367 units.Meanwhile, in 2016PorscheThe annual sales volume of237,778It is the highest ever.

Wow ~! ! ! One digit is different (゚ Д ゚)! What?

Not limited to Panamera, we do not see Porsche much in Sora street. We have not examined each sales volume of Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche Panamera, but simply think about it"There are tenfold differences in the number of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche circulating in the world"I'm saying that.

Five reasons to buy S class instead of Panamera

Where it was found that the number of units sold was one different, I thought why so many people would buy S class instead of Panamera. However, since I am not a motor journalist or a professional critic, I like Porsche to the last, I am not very familiar with the structure of the car(What's that?)It is a view that I thought.

① Profile (awareness)

"There used to be images of Mercedes-Benz = a car that a successful person gets in the past, everyone was longing for it"I hear it in various places. Also, before that, there was no compact model called A-Class and B-Class, and considering that the sedan was mainstream, still "Mercedes-Benz S Class" is a status and it is a clear car as a proof of success I think that.

Meanwhile, Panamera is a relatively new model among the Porsche, which began manufacturing in 2009, and its recognition is quite low. When I talked about Panamera before, I heard that "Eh, Primera?", But I thought that it was not well known in the world.

② Difference in number of times of eye contact

Although it may be reasons similar to famousness, it is often said in advertisement and commercial world"The more contacts, the better it will be for the goods and services"There is a simple contact effect called. Therefore, I do not know well what, I think that I feel like I'd prefer the S class that I often find in the city rather than a car called Panamera that has a small amount of information.

③ "Focus on luxury ride"

Some of the people riding the S class see a pattern that the driver's driver drives and sits on the back seat and moves. In the S class, the seat of the rear seat is also relaxed, there is comfort like sitting on the sofa and moving, so I think that it is the best as a car that can carry an important VIP customer as well as myself .

Panamera, on the other hand, is said to be a luxury sedan and is often compared with the S class,I am quite different as comparison objectI feel that.Porsche is a sports car manufacturer to the lastIt is. It was developed as a sports car, just a luxury ride added to it, the basic is a sports car. So, the rear seats are independent and sporty seats one by one, and although they are luxuriously limitless, the legs are more compact than the S class.

If you think so, the world is overwhelmingly more "more emphasis on luxury" than "those who place importance on both luxury and pleasure of running", so the S class will be selected as a result I guess it is.

④ Difference in period until delivery

Since Porsche is almost order-made, it is famous for taking time from order to delivery.Even when my house ordered a new Panamera, I was told that it is "half a year to deliver cars, probably waiting 10 months". Assignment of the number to each dealer is decided, and Porsche's factory rests for about a month and a half in the summer, so customers need to wait quickly even if they want it fast."I want a luxury sedan as soon as possible"People who think that it is good to get to S class right away.

⑤ Porsche does not discount

When you go to another dealer"If you decide this month, I will do cheaper at ● ● ●!"It is often said that. Even when I actually went to BMW, I asked for price discount. But in the case of Porsche, we do not discount nearly. As for sales people also said "Because we can not use the sales method called discount, we can not sell like normal".

I want Porsche to continue to be a Porsche everywhere.

Although"If you buy an S class, more people can buy Panamera!"I think that Porsche can continue to create excellent vehicles because it maintains a high profit margin by implementing a production and sales strategy that takes into consideration the balance between supply and demand.

It is not a thin profit selling, but because it is a high profit structure, it can invest in technology development and make even better cars.(Porsche's profit per unit in 2017 is 1,940,000 yen, BMW is 560,000 yen, Toyota 2110,000 yen, Subaru 360,000 yen. By the way Ferrari is 12 million yen)

Therefore, Panamera should sell like an S class ...! Although I do not think, but since panamera is not well-known in the world, I think today that I think that the wonderfulness of Panamera can be perceived by the world today.

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