I can hardly meet the "women like cars" with which the talks fit

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There are few women like cars

I think that the population who likes cars decreases year by year."Youth away from car"I often hear the word, more practical and more fuel-efficient cars than the pleasure of running. In such a world, "Women like cars" is a rather minor race ... It is rare to meet women who talk with each other in terms of car love.

I usually work in a meeting with a female person in charge of a company in the front, but it is almost never a story of a car(It seems normal because it is a seat for negotiations ... w)

Also before"What is on holiday?"When asked "I like cars, I will go to drive with my family"

"I also like cars, so I often go to drive at the end of the work! I am running loudly while singing a high-speed road with music, it's fun!"

And returned.

But rather than saying "I like cars", I felt like I was just riding a car because of the stress release ... while thinking that "it is so right ~" and the topic of the car as soon as possible Up.

I do not know the existence of Panamera

Previously, talking with a domestic car dealer"Do you like cars?"As I was told that "I like the Porsche Panamera," I was told that "Porsche Panamera ... If it is Cayenne ..." I was told.

Also when I talked to a woman who likes to leave a car at one time I thought that I could understand"I like Porsche Panamera!"I told you that"What? Primera?"I was heard back ... There was only laughter anymore (explosion)

Among Porsche, Cayenne and 911 are famous, but Panamera is not well known. I wonder if this car is such a good car.(Although I did not know it until a couple of years ago)

If I am, like Yoko Natsuki,"Run a sports car's manual car and run it!"If it is a woman who loves driving the car itself, it may be that there are women who talk more, but I do not mean that I love driving to that.

If I think carefully, because I am interested only in the basic panamera, the woman talking about does not appear around.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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