The reason why I do not want children to buy a car in the future.

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I started writing a blog, it's almost a month. Thankfully, readers surpassed 70 people. Thank you so much for seeing this maniac blog. "Let's do our best and write it! "It will be a motivation.

However ... If you write every day, the story about Panamera will disappear.

Although it is a blog that started enthusiastically with "enthralling love for Panamera," it is not that there are new discoveries everyday everyday ...."Ah ~ a nice car, this friendly feeling and a good champion's style"Basically, I feel the same thing every time I get on, every time my love is deepening.

So in the future I will try to make Panasona love and buy Panamera with my own money, while blogging from cars to write about what I feel.

"Whether to buy a car for a child or not"

When I was a college student, a rich friend said "I have my car bought by my parents" or "I will give you a car if I go to play," I was getting into the university. I do not know what kind of lives they have been living in, but I think that it may have been that they often headed out to society.

And now I"I can not buy a car for my child"I decided. (It is too early to think that the child is 3 years old and 0 years old)

If you want a car, you can buy your own car at the price of the range you can buy first. If there are cars that you really want,"I'd like you to put out 10 thousand yen for ● ● million because I made it a byte.""● ● Ten thousand yen will be issued by yourself, so I want you to pay 10,000 yen.I will return the monthly return amount every month. "Just negotiate with your parents.

Child: "I want this car!"
Parent: "I understand! I will buy a car I like ●!"

I do not want to be like the wind. I think so, for children"I want you to become an independent person who understands the value of money"Because I think.

When I entered the university, when my school received various schools and I had to pay quite a lot of money on the entrance fee of nonslip, my mother said this.

"Oh well, if you push the money buttons you will easily come out with a challenge."

Although I meant that I knew, I got to work part-time as a university, I realized the meaning of my mother's words, knowing the difficulty of earning 10,000 yen. If so, parents are amazing.

Money is important

It is not easy to earn money. On the other hand, it is not good to think too much as "to earn money" is too bad, but I think that if you get a flow, you can earn it, but if you want to earn a lot of money, I also try to become a man of strength, value I have to do.

I want my girls to understand that, so I can not buy a car in the future. As a mother saying such a troublesome thing,"My mother is impatient and I want to get away from home."I do not think so, but that is why I feel like I want to leave home and feel like wanting to be independent.

Help the children do what they want and support with full power. But I will not easily give you what I want.

I think that I want to be a mother who can penetrate such a stance.

... When you notice, neither car nor Panamera is talking about it at all. Let's write a story of the car tomorrow.

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