Courageous behavior of Jackie Iks of Le Mans 24 Hour Race in 1969.

Porsche Carrera Cup of Okayama International Circuit
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Carrera cup.

Previously, I went to the Okayama International Circuit to see the Porsche Carrera Cup. (To this extent, it was a masterpiece that 911 were lined up, precisely a Carrera cup.

Luckily I was allowed to enter the lounge of the Porsche official, but there was a pamphlet of "Chopard" of the watch manufacturer there. Chopard has been contracting with Porsche as an official timing partner since 2014,"Porsche Carrera Cup Japan 2017"It was supposed to support.

Since I am not familiar with the brand name, I knew the existence of Chopard for the first time at that time and I was casually watching the brochure,I was touched by the episode that was written there.

Le Mans: legendary driver

In 1969, as other racers competed, rushed to the car, never tightened the seatbelt, and as a result of exposure to the risk of serious injury, the legendary racer, Jackie Iks, started racing at high speed. Take action to accuse the danger and walk slowly to the racing car. However, it was him that eventually won the victory. Since then, "Le Mans style start" never ever be repeated. When 15 years passed after 15 years, at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Iku again wakes up the knowledge of safe driving. He was the director of the Grand Prix, he was given the "Red Flag" because of the heavy rain, and he decided to cancel the race, but this thing has forced him to dismiss himself .... Jackie Ik was convinced that if it had more precious things than time it would be no better than life.

* Chopard official website Le Mans: quoted from legendary drivers

Jackie Iks, actions of the predecessors.

I do not know about the circuit race like Le Mans, but recently I felt like I would not listen to the news of accident death. Of course it is certainly dangerous and side by side sports, but compared with the time when Ayrton Senna died, I thought that the performance of the car improved and the management side's consideration increased.

It is true that it is true that there are now F1 and the circuit race is not just that "the performance of the car went up" or "the efforts of the management side", but it seems to have been posted in the episode of Chopard,Jackie Iks' courageous behavior,My heart felt hot as I knew there was a predecessor who put a life on the race.

I guess Panamera is a wonderful car, it's not as simple as being able to clean up with "technology and performance is wonderful".

Behind the technology and performance,There are a lot of people's courageous behavior, suggestions, and the thoughts of the people involved in cutting down their lives.I think there is a difference between the muddy and the muddy to ride in Panamera, knowing that kind of thing and riding without knowing.

Therefore,Ah I wanted to go to the Porsche Museum again after all!

And these days I am anxious.


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