A message put in the advertisement of Porsche called Nobody's Perfect.

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Nobody's Perfect

I found this ad in Porsche.

Nobody's Perfect.Under the word "1983 Le Manly Results" there is a notation.

Yes, this is the result of the 1983 Le Mans race result.In the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1983, out of 1st place to 10th place,You can see that Porsche monopolizes everything except 9th place.It is a feeling "Hey ~" when looking at ordinary, but winning in Le Mans 24 hours race is not a common thing.

Last year's Le Mans 24 Hour race, commentators, drivers, team relations, audiences, everyone was convinced of Toyota's victory. However, there was a machine trouble in the Toyota car that headed for only 3 minutes, and eventually Porsche won.

This year's Le Mans who came to fulfill the frustration. The president himself bought himself for support and Toyota was doing very well in qualifying, but machine trouble occurred in the production, and as a result Porsche won. Regarding Le Mans, the explanation of this site was easy to understand.

Have you heard the name "Le Mans 24 Hour Race" somewhere? This race is a very rugged traditional race to race with endurance for 24 hours. The driver drives alternately, but the racing car is just running for 24 hours endurance. It is a race to be tested the ultimate as a racing car such as speed, durability and safety. In ordinary car racing it is quite difficult even to monopolize the second place by saying 1 or 2 finish. It is a feat close to a miracle to win nine out of 10 in the long-standing 24 hours. 

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It is a remarkable accomplishment again.

It is an extremely difficult task to make a car that can endure running at full speed for 24 hours, winning. Then I will look at this advertisement again.

Nobody's Perfect. (No one is perfect.)

"Although Porsche challenged perfect victory at Le Mans, it was said that the advertisement was intended to mean that perfect results could not be obtained" ...

It is difficult even to monopolize 1st and 2nd place Le Mans is ranked 1st to 10th out of 10th, it is already OK to monopolize anything other than 9th! What?

And ordinary people like me would think.

But Porsche has never been satisfied with this result. Because it is perfect as Porsche thinks, without compromise, complete victory. "Look, you see! Le Mans monopolize the top by Porsche! Porsche is amazing, is not it !?" I guess the advertisement also includes the reverse message ...

Even so, regardless of how far it is going, the posture to work on stoic and never forgetting what they ideal is irritating to goose bumps. Something like that I recently liked Porsche so I'm sure there will be somehow.

Better yet, Should I change jobs to a salesman of the Porsche dealer ... (Explosion)


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