Baby in car sticker Do you know the meaning correctly?

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Baby in car sticker

There was a sense of incompatibility about the sticker of "Baby in car" from before. As a follow-on car "So what?" ... "Is the baby on board, so does the speed not getting out?" Or, "Because the baby is riding, I guess that 's it ...

I do not know what I would like to convey to the following car, and if I put on that sticker, the design of Panamera will be ruined, so my home will definitely never be found. However, since there are many cars sticking this sticker after all, I decided to investigate a little.

Examining how Baby in car's sticker was born,

The baby was on the car that caused the accident, but the rescue team did not notice that, eventually the baby died The sticker was made since then.

Episode came out. It seems that it was a city legend that apparently it became a feeling that my heart was tightening, "Was it so?"

Actual meaning

In fact, it seems that in September 1984, Safety First Company in the United States released it for the purpose of safe driving enforcement. Below, quotes from Safety First Company's site.

Safety First was founded in 1984, is a nursery supply manufacturer in the United States with bases in Canada and Europe. As its brand name suggests, "I constantly think about the safety of babies as a priority" Ideas, we develop and manufacture various child-rearing supplies, and continue to be loved around the world. Safety First not only develops baby care products pursuing the convenience of babies and parents, but also paying attention to the environment of child rearing every day. One of them is also known for its first release in the world of the message board "Baby carries" which is used in cars. As a leader in the child care industry, Safety First has developed an advanced child safety seat, baby's safety first, and baby's safety to provide a wide range of functional baby care products now, the world 50 It is sold in countries of more than a few countries and is used regularly. Always, the brand that continues to support parenting is the safety first.
*Quoted from Safety First Company site

Is it so?"Always think baby's safety first"It is wonderful to have the philosophy, and it is only after reading this sentence that I feel I understood the meaning of that sticker.

When you are running on a highway usually, you may see a sight that a car rushing ahead is blowing up a car in front. It is certainly not a good idea to run a passing lane all the way, but it is dangerous to rise and overtake it. If by any chance, if the preceding car stepped on a sudden braking it would be impossible to respond quickly and there is a possibility of leading to a serious accident.

There is no such thing as an important business than life.

Not to mention the car on which the baby is riding, all the cars in the world should drive safe driving, and by looking at the sticker of "Baby in car (board)" "Oh, it was so, do not drive safely I thought it would be a good idea to become conscious of being conscious of ... ".

I also want to keep driving everyday safe driving before enjoying running.


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