When I was riding a Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Living with Porsche

Drive on highway with golf after a long absence

This consecutive holiday went to the Ishibe plateau by my family looking for coolness. It was the second time that we went to the Ikeshi plateau, I already knew that the way to that is thin, so I am easy to turn aroundVolkswagen 'Golf 7'I decided to head at.

It was healed in the grassland of the Ishikawa Plateau, children were satisfied, and on that way.I also wanted to drive a bit and replaced the husband with my husband in the service area of the expressway.The heavy congestion continued for a while, but once it passed through it flowed out relatively smoothly. Nonetheless, there are many cars on consecutive holidays, and there were many cars running overtaking lanes.

And that time.

Awesome from behind,Mercedes · Benz ML(It may have been GLE)It came.However, as I thought that the preceding car, even before that, was jammed, "I could not do anything in a place I was overtaken" ... but the distance between two cars shrunk decreased and I was hooked to the ML in no time It was.

"No, now even if you touch me, it's meaningless as the cars are in front of you."

I was driving while thinking, but as I was frustrated, I flew to the left side and fueled me, so I was also getting angry as expected. It makes me feel like this. If I got hit by this ML and I got ahead of the car, I was as good as ML during the operation.

Even if I mean, I will take the correct car-to-car distance with the previous car and run!

While murmuring in the mind, he was driving the car very calmly.(What's the meaning and w)

There is not such a thing in Panamera

Then, after a while, in the gap where the car ceased to exist in the left lane, ML immediately changed the lane, interrupted in front of me at an enormous angle, and went further and farther as it passed through the car in front of us.

Somewhat bad chest ... But being angry with this is no use. I just could not conceal irritation and my husband said "What, now ML! It is very dangerous! I mean, I was riding in Panamera and have never been fucked like this!My husband said a word.

Sora yeah ... that kind of confusing car I hear that people coming up.

When. Well ... it is so if you ask me.

But, it's strange that you can change your driving depending on the model of the preceding car. Even though it's normal work, even if you work normally, you are going to lower your head too much to your boss, your subordinates are obnoxious girls who are getting fucked up ... (-_-)

While being angryfully wasted with such as waste and so on, my husband asserted me without worrying so much, so I arrived home safely.

Because I am in Panamera

I thought again, I think I would like to be a gentleman lady driver especially on expressways. If I were in the opposite position, I do not like being panicked by Panamera,I try to keep a constant inter-vehicle distance, and it's not as long as I go out to the left lane once again because I am late ahead.(Or, because the previous car immediately gives up the lane so it may not just need to be caught ...)

Panamera seems to be Panamera, dignified and drivably, driving. And as driving thinks that person 's personality will come out, today it is around this time that I think I'm reworking as I looked at people.

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