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I like Panamera.

In this blog I'm subjectively writing that "Panamera is a wonderful car""Why do you like Panamera to that extent?"Even if asked, I can not quite explain as I'm pretty sure. I wrote this in a previous blog post like this,

The majestic appearance at the parking lot,
The dignity of the champion,
Acceleration at the merging of expressways,
Engine tone,
Human sense of handling,
Feeling to accelerate faithfully as much as you pressed the accelerator,
Ground feeling and stability on the ground,
A solid massive feeling,
Still, running not to feel the weight as stress,
Atmosphere that the illusion that human case rises just by riding ...
... Wow, it's too wonderful.
Whether the turning effect is effective,
I wonder if the ordinary parking lot could be stopped,
Bad fuel economy,
Whether it is narrow paths,
It's a wonderful car that surpasses such a thing.

I think that it seems quite subjective, and I am evaluating Panamera along with the admiration that I had held since before"Maybe they overestimate Panamera by 100 times?"And, it suddenly became uneasy.

I was thinking about such a thing, the URL of a certain article has been sent by mail from my husband.

Article comparing 3 car models

The fact that just a URL has been sent without any sentences or notes is that it is something like "Please read this thing" (an explosion) and if you open the URL immediately,AUTOCAR JAPAN (AUTO CAR JAPAN)It was an article.

AUTOCAR JAPAN (AUTO CAR JAPAN) was launched in 2003 as a Japanese edition of British automobile magazine "Auto car" with a history of over 100 years, and it is currently a medium that only carries out WEB distribution.

And in that article,Porsche Panamera, BMW · M 6 Grand Coupe, Mercedes · Benz AMGS 63 coupeAlthough I was comparing three models of cars, I laughed in spite of seeing the beginning sentence.

"Ruthless project to make Porsche Panamera just appearing fight against German forces, this time it is the second part."

Um, rude mercy ... (-_-) As a result of comparing the best sports coupe of each manufacturer, compared with AUTOCARJAPAN in that way, my feeling is also not wrong with you I was a little relieved.

And the end of the article was closed with such a sentence.

The exercise performance of the M6 ​​is more satisfying, it is a typical of the super saloon, and the comfort and luxury of the S63 is aimed at luxury cars. However, if you still have to decide the winner, it seems like a funny story, but you will choose Panamera.
AUTOCAR is not satisfied with the completeness of the car alone and I want to emphasize the most important way how to entertain the driver.
Panamera is a sports car.

... Panamera is a sports car.
... Panamera is a sports car.

…That's it! Panamera is a sports car! !

Panamera is a sports car!

Porsche Panamera, BMW · M 6 Grand Coupe and Mercedes · Benz AMGS 63 coupe.I do not think that which is good, bad, but I think that the evaluation will change depending on "what you want in the car" ...

If you are looking for a more smooth and luxurious ride, S63, and if you are looking for sportiness or light handling, it's M6, and if you are looking for a firm, luxury ride and sporty, it is definitely panamera.

Always also,

So far, running is fun, you can become a car and a car together with the driver, you want to run anywhere, and ride comfort is luxurious, there is no luxury saloon as universal as Panamera

I feel it(I have never driven S63 AMG nor M6 coupe, w)

But if that happens, I want to drive S63AMG and M6 as well. Previously, the sound of S63 AMG stopped with a red light, the sound when the rocket started as soon as it became blue was incredible and cool,"S63 AMG is insanely cool!"There was also a time when I was studying variously.

It is a difficult task to have a 3 year old child and a 0 year old child go to a dealer and have a test ride, but it may be good to try making time soon at the weekend. Let's consult her husband.

* Article Source:Sports Coupe Decision Battle: Part 2 - Porsche Panamera Turbo vs BMW M6 Grand Coupe vs Mercedes - AMG S63 Coupe - First Test Drive | AUTOCAR JAPA

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