I'd like to realize my dream of "going touring with a couple with 2 cars."

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS and Panamera
Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband
From Welcome to Hirashi Ashi.

Yesterday evening my husband"I'm going to get a little car"He said going out. After that, I took my daughter and went to the neighborhood for cleaning. An email arrived from my husband around the cleaning shop.. "Since Ashi is cool, why do not you come along cleaning?"

If I go from now on, I think that it will be late to cook dinner, but I rarely have such opportunities, so I decided to head for it because it's a big deal. When I went as far as the entrance of Ashi Driveway, my husband stopped the car and was waiting.

I confirmed that my husband made a signal by hand, "I will go on ahead", we go together.

Acceleration of Panamera is also terrible,After all the acceleration of her husband's car is more amazing.

A daughter on the side"Dad, wait await!Mom, quickly quickly ~! "I said, I was desperate to follow.(But it was fun, finally feeling that Panamera's capabilities are demonstrated,Pana seemed happy)

Since the Ashi Driveway is not so long, it quickly stuck to the top, but since I had never been touring with someone,(Of course, alone touring)It was very fresh. Indeed, it is such a feeling that going to the touring.

Now children are small, but if the child gets bigger and a little away from hands, it is also a couple going touring with two cars.... I mean, I want to go.

Even so, since the tooling is a little hard with Panamera's huge body,(Although it feels good on expressway etc)I wonder 911 is fun when you come to the mountain road. No, but I still like Panamera.


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