Porsche Panamera's hand-washing car-Dr.Drive Umeda store I went to Eneos Frontier

Porsche Panamera Edition 970 car wash
Porsche Panamera

Panamera's car wash

There are two small children, and additionally, since the second daughter of a 0-year-old is not deposited in the nursery school, it is difficult to wash Panamera by oneself during the day. Although it may be possible to do with caries if you think to do "washing car while hugging the second daughter with the ergo while the eldest daughter is going to kindergarten," there is a great possibility that the daughter will be crying with water.

Also, there is also a usual sleep deprivation, I want to make as much as possible on Saturdays and Sundays, and if I am cleaning up sick housekeeping, I can not get the car washing time(It 's just an excuse or w).

so"After all it is best to go to a gas station for hand washing carIt came to the conclusion that. However, there is also a condition on this,

Condition 1 Going to a time zone in time for picking up my daughter's kindergarten
Condition 2 Going to a gas station where there is a place where time can be closed near the car wash
Condition 3 It is a waste to go out for car washing, so something you can go

Is important, so when you do "When going out with work with a second daughter for work or meetingIt is the best time to wash the car. Meanwhile, recently my favorite petrol station is in Shiba in Umeda,Dr. Drive Umeda Store Eneos FrontierIt is.

Again to wash Panamera

When I wash the car for the first time, it was quite good,

· The state of pickiness continues for 2 months(It does not get too much insects even if it runs on the highway)
· It keeps it for about 2 to 3 hours after car wash(The parking lot floats)
· It is a 3-minute walk to Umeda so it's time convenient and convenient

I decided to ask for it yesterday as well because I thought it was. I can not make a reservation in advance, so if I go and have a drink, I have no choice but to give up yesterday is lucky to be free! And after having been kept under three hours we took Panamera,

Ultra shiny and huh (゚ ∀ ゚)! !

It was almost as shiny as a new car. Panamera on the way back, I do not have a feeling that it is light, the motivation is full and I feel like I ran into a steady run. There is a soul in things. After all I thought about cleaning regularly and cleanly.

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