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A change in the mind ...

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I've been writing this blog and it's almost two months. There have been significant changes in me. that is"What I decided to buy PanameraThat's it. "It's been saying in the blog for the time being, was it not that before, is it?" It is a little different.

Before writing a blog,"I wish I could buy Panamera"It was about. If I thought, "I wish I could buy it," it was a sweet feeling that I could buy one day. Also

If you think too strongly, it is not so good because you are conscious of too much that it is not available. It is also necessary to let go.

I had heard that it certainly might be so, so I was not too conscious of it.

But, as I decided to start writing a blog and decide to get Panamera, the image of buying Panamera by myself has definitely expanded from the previous day as I decided to spend days each day. By consciousness every day,

· How much money do you need as a class you want?
· How much maintenance cost will it take?
· Panamera is really the best choice

I began to think more about various things. With that,After getting it, the image which I possessed became more realistic.

That and also this, because I started writing this blog, thanks to readers who view blog every day. And as I said, I have only the goal to achieve, so I will do my best! No, I will do my best!


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