Was there actually anything in common between Porsche design and Anpanman?

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3 yr old child who understands Porsche

By the way, from my last mother, "●●(The name of the eldest daughter of 3 years old)Take a car and look at the car in front of you, Oh! Porsche! I said that. I do understand that there are no emblems, too ~. I was told. BeforeSuch an articleI wrote, but even then "To be able to distinguish Porsche at the age of three, my girl is amazing"I thought.

When I tell my husband to my husband the other day,

Porsche can make a design that you can understand with Porsche at a glance, it is amazing after all. "

I said.



Hmm? (゜ ∀.)?

Let me see ...

I talked about "The eldest daughter is amazing", but my husband replied "Porsche is amazing". I see ... well Well. So when we looked at various things, there was an interesting commentary.

The common point between Porsche and Anpanman

As an attraction of design,Considering air resistance, it features a parabola and a circular design,Design using yen,In modern times ergonomics and tiredness are coming, cute,It seems to be pointed out that it is pointed out.It is similar to the charm of Doraemon in that yen is often used.

*Where is the high rating of the Porsche design? - Porsche design ... - Yahoo! Chiebukuro

I do not know if this is or not,"Yen is heavily used = Doraemon"That means"A lot of circles are used = Anpanman"But that's because"Anpanman = idol of 1 to 3 year old children"That means,

In Porsche there is close affinity with Anpanman, and it can be said that Porsche can be distinguished instantaneously, just like children can instantly recognize Anpanman in town.

, To a 3 - year - old daughter,"Since Porsche is round like Anpanman,Can ● ● find Porsche soon? "I heard that he was confident and said "Yeah! (* '∀` *) ノ! "

Honest place.


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