If the Porsche Panamera was full of gasoline, it would cost 5805 yen at 43.65 liters.

Porsche Panamera refueling
Porsche Panamera

Bring gasoline to the shell.

Although it was heavy rain yesterday, I thought that there should be few people who bothering gasoline at such a time, and I went for a Panamera petrol. The gas station that I stop by is always a shell.(Because I have Shell Easy Pay)As I arrived, the car is rather more than a sunny day "What a rude way you came all the way on a rainy day"I was a little disappointed.(If you think carefully there are more people riding in the car on rainy days)

The rest of Panamera's petrol is exactly half.

Since the capacity of our gasoline tank in Panamera is 80 liters, we can run 262 kilometers in the remaining 40 liters.Simple calculation with liter 6.55.As the meter's "Consumpt" value shows. Even though it is bad fuel economy.


Because Panamera is high octane, yesterday it is 133 yen / L for Shell easy pay. It is 4 yen discount. Press the blue button "Start refueling"

I hold the IC.

of course,"High octuputaneThank you in! Then choose a yellow nozzle ...(It's over when you are choosing red and choosing red)

Insert until you place it properly, then hold the lever.(Previously, I pushed the lever in front,I have squirted gasoline)

I always have time to put on gasoline, so I anticipate the number of liters to enter in perfectly and I'm waiting for the numbers to get excited as excitingly as "what goes on, what goes on" There is no chance of winning.(This time as well, it was 41.5, but it was 43.65)

What is the amount of gasoline filled up this time?

43.65 liters, 5805 yen ... high! (; ゚ Д ゚)

When gasoline fills from empty state, it means that it costs about 12000 yen by simple calculation. Every time I put on gasoline I'm going to reflect on "I think that fuel efficiency is bad because my driver's accelerator work and braking are not good."

Go back to the car and put on the engine "buon". Reset mileage,

I came back from there without going home. I tried again to see the receipt at home, but I do not know why the gasoline fee is foolish.

The next Panamera turbo seems to be like an energy-saving mode when in a traffic jam, so will fuel efficiency improve a little more. I hope to much expect it, and I would like to introduce it on this blog as well.

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