New model Panamera turbo Delivery date, one more day!

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Stop something like the specification was wrong.

Yesterday my husband,"I was posting on this previous blog,Specification and burns of the new Panamera Turbo,If you see that, it is different from the requested one! I thought,It was very frustrating."It has been said.

"What? What did you do with that specification and I was sending you, but did I misunderstand you?... Well, maybe, the day after tomorrow is a delivery date,Σ (゚ Д ゚)! That I was thinking that I was asking for the wrong specification now. What?""No, it's okay, I was wondering if the final adjustment was not reflected in the specification I sent."

Anything, the part I wrote as "adaptive cruise control" is correct"Adaptive Cruise Control with Traffic Assistance"It seems it was ... "It was better for you to put on this," said Mr. H who is in charge of the dealer strongly promoted it.

What is traffic assistance.

As for traffic assist,"Tracking support system for congestion"It seems to be said. Even if it is less than 60 km / h, it is lane keep assist (leave it to the handlebar) and the guy who will tell me about the previous car? I think that. Volkswagen's golf comes with that feature, and I tried it in the past before, it was messy and convenient and easy. It seems to be useful if you get caught in a traffic jam on a highway.

Well, whatever it was, there were no order mistakes or order mistakes, so relieved relief.

At last,Tomorrow is the delivery date of the new Panamera Turbo!

Tomorrow, I go to the Porsche dealer with my whole family on that leg when I go to pick up my eldest daughter's kindergarten.(My husband took an afternoon holiday for this ... haha)

No, I'm looking forward to it!

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