One more day until the delivery date of the new Panamera Turbo!

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Were the specifications different?

Yesterday my husband said, "I thought that it was different from the specifications of the new Panamera Turbo that I posted on this blog, but it was different from what I requested," I was touched very much.

"What? What did that mean? I sent it by e-mail with the final specification, but I was wrongly introducing ... ... Or maybe I asked the day after tomorrow as a car delivered date, with the wrong specification Σ (゚ Д ゚) !? "that it was now discovered that it was

"No, it's okay, it seems that the final adjustment was not reflected in the specification you sent."

Anything, the part I wrote as "adaptive cruise control" is correct"Adaptive Cruise Control with Traffic Assistance"It seems it was ... "It is better for you to put this on", said Mr. H who was in charge of dealers strongly promoted it.

Traffic assist

Traffic assist means,"Tracking support system for congestion"Even if it is less than 60 kilometers per hour, what keeps lane keeping and runs about the previous car(I think that). Volkswagen Golf also has its function, so I actually used it, but it was very convenient and comfortable. It seems to be pretty useful when it gets into heavy traffic congestion.

Well, whatever it was, there were not orders or order mistakes, so relieved.

Well, finally, the delivery date of the new Panamera Turbo tomorrow!

After I went to the daughter's kindergarten tomorrow I will head to the Porsche dealer with all my family at that foot.(My husband took an afternoon holiday for this ... haha)

No, I'm looking forward to it!

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