Car delivery completed today! Porsche introduces the complete Panamera turbo delivery with images!

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Waiting car delivery day

The new Panamera Turbo was delivered safely today.After ordering on March 5, 7 months and 7 days.Like a long time, it looks like it was in a flash. Today, both my husband and my wife fidget from the morning, my husband took a day off from work this afternoon and came home in the afternoon. Then the whole family headed for the Porsche dealer. It is guided to the second floor by the receptionist who arrives at the site and the receptionist ...

"that? Why do you usually go to the second floor today, why do you always talk about it at once?Although wondering thoughtfully, about the female staff who will guide me, when I go to the space at the far end of the second floor ...

How come my Panamera turbo is waiting!

Unfortunately, Mr. H did not have the opportunity to wait for another negotiation and was unable to witness the couple 's surprised reaction at that time and was sorry for later. However, I was deeply moved, thank you (lol)

There was already a set of papers and keys and a beautiful set on the desk. "Well, at the time of delivery, people dealer dealers are wearing gloves.All soon, if the new car gets sticky with the fingerprint of the person in charge before they get on, it will fall as tension ... "While thinking, I asked for coffee latte as usual,(I do not know)

After a while Mr. H appeared, work to check the final document and push the stamp on the document began.There are some parts to which entry and seal are pressedSo, I want you to get to the car explanation quickly, I felt it a little long time. Meanwhile, the children got sweets from Halloween and were smiling with a full smile.

It is my first time to have sweets for children in Porsche ~ (laugh)

And although the confirmation work of the document was progressing without delay"Tidy up with that,I want to ride Panamera quickly! Please pass me the key! "As Han said that I was fidgeting, Mr. H also saw it, opened a small box and looked inside, it contained two keys of Panamera.

Oh ... something lined up neatly like a watch of yourself. I felt a little more confused than the key of the previous 970 Panamera edition. And finally Mr. H "So it is time to come to the car ..."I began wearing gloves primarily.

Car confirmation

Ooo ... It's finally here. First of all, make sure that the car body is not scratched or dirty, around the circumference of the family around it.Even so, it's shiny as it is a new car.I wonder if there is a reasonably good coating. I think that I have to drive and touch carefully so as not to hurt ... When the confirmation is over,

Next, explanation of trunk. Anyway, this Panamera seems to be structured such that when a foot is put under the car body, the sensor senses and the trunk automatically opens.It seems to be useful when you have baggage in both hands and you can not open the trunk by hand.Mr. H immediately demonstrated "I do it when I do this feet down ..." ...

I did not show up after all. Mr. H is quite long legs ... After that my husband tried, but it did not open at all. I tried it, but it naturally did not open w.Apparently there seems to be a "knack", another person responsible sweeps quickly, it flew in a moment.It was as brilliant as a trunk magician.

The trunk is fairly wide than I thought.

Is it about the same trunk capacity as the previous 970 Panamera ...? Even in the previous models, two suitcases and strollers could be loaded without problems, but this time a pretty good package is about to enter. And if you pull and hold the cover as follows, you can partition the trunk from the rear seat.

Next I got into the car and got around the navigation explanation. Since I was having opponent of children, I could not hear the explanation very firmly, but the touch panel has many buttons, it seems a bit confusing until I get used to it. My husband glanced at me."I think that it is impossible for my wife to work"He said. Well, the mechanical system is so weak.

When the explanation about the touch panel and the navigation is over, H has opened the bonnet and showed us the next."It is really cool!"So, I also saw the contents of the hood for the first time, but it was very refreshing. I thought that the engine is more exposed, but it seems to be hidden and not to be visible.

By the way, it is a 4 liter V8 engine.

The moment of delivery completion

And finally, finally ... After all the confirmation and explanation, the Panamera turbo will move to the first floor with an elevator. I had a good sound when I got the engine on. It is a back look like a taillight is connected and seems to have enlarged 911. As the brake light turned on, the atmosphere also changed a bit and it was cool.

So, our family is also taken by Mr. H, I descend by elevator and go downstairs to the place where Panamera has gone. Doki Doki ... Finally, the delivery is complete.

When I arrive at the back door, our Panamera turbo is already waiting. Looking outside it is increasingly shiny. Panamera in our house made a body color called Knight Blue Metallic, but this color,It looks blue in the blue sky, it looks black in the darkIt seems that it will show various facial expressions.

Truly, even if you look outside, it is too cool or sorry I got a sigh. The body color of the 970 Panamera edition was Charara White,After all, it seems that it is tightened if it is a dark color.Well, it may be great that the design has changed. And as soon as I got in, my husband took the engine and a good deep bass sounded.

And about H's guide, let's move the car. Finally, the delivery has been completed. But, both my husband and I left a Porsche dealer while feeling a restless feeling like still riding a test car, while being slightly nervous.

Finally, delivered safely! H, and her husband!Thank you so much for the whole body! !So, today I went to Ashi Driveway as it is, but I am excited too much and it seems that I can only write funny articles, so I want to write the situation after sorting out. By the way, the children at the Ashi Driveway on the way back were sleeping.

Now! I will go to Fuji Speedway and watch WEC this weekend. Of course, ride the Panamera Turbo. Since then, there are plenty of tooling planned, so I'd like to introduce it on occasion in this blog.

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    Nice to meet you, ATSUSHI. I am always glad to see your blog happily.
    Congratulations on delivering cars! The new turbo is more dignified and cool! I also thought about trying hard to buy one day someday ...
    I was interested in the part of the number 10 in the top 10 photos of it. (In a good sense) a conspicuous car, please take care.

  2. panamera-life

    Thank you for always seeing the blog ^ ^
    After all I thought once again that I do not buy it with my own hands, so I will do my best too!
    Thank you for pointing out the license plate! I've retouched immediately ^ ^;

  3. sutearing-bouya

    Congratulations Mina, car delivery.
    Finally this day came.
    I saw a car on board on the second floor for the first time.
    I'm impressed.
    I laughed at my son's sleepy sleep.
    I went to Ashigan immediately.
    I also want to run Ashigami next year.
    From now on, please enjoy such as touring.
    I am looking forward to my blog.

  4. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    Thank you!
    I have no real feeling yet and I am afraid to drive, so I'm thinking I will get used to it little by little.
    And I definitely made a decision to buy Panamera by myself!
    Please do come and run ash ^ ^
    We will also update touring blogs, so thank you ^ ^