If you are driving Panamera in heavy rain, the indication "Maintenance required for PSM" is ...

Porsche Panamera
Initial oil change at dealer.

Today, for Panamera's oil change, Mr. H who is in charge of the dealer will bring Panamera to his house.

There is also a typhoon before this and it is quite dirty.

Dark blue color stands out. Oh, it was conspicuous even in the white before. Well, the current mileage is 1467 km.

I was saying that I wanted to change the oil in about 1000 km, so it was just right. And this time, we will have a look at PSM breakdown, but in fact, on the way home from the Fuji Speedway the other day, such a warning suddenly appeared.

Maintenance of PSM failure Please drive carefully.

I was surprised to see this warning suddenly when I was driving from the husband to drive me for a while while driving.At that time, I was using the auto cruise control, but it was instantly released and the switch also ceased to work. Closing to the nearby PA, disconnecting the engine completely, after a while, the display disappears when you re-start the engine, since there have not been warnings since then,

It is said that the dealer will also malfunction ...

Am I disliked by Panamera?

When I get on Panamera, strange things always happen. As a deer comes out suddenly, a cat gets on a hood, a warning about PSM failure is given, so honestly I'm afraid recently and I have not got Panamera at all.

I wonder if Panamera is hated.

I would like to have it inspected with this oil change and ride again after I calm down a little. Instead, my husband is interested in this Panamera Turbo and I use it at my company every day. And everyday when I go home"No ~ honma wonderful cars" "Honmaumae cars"I mumbled.

Okay, when my husband got on, nothing happened and I am doing fine. However, my husband's buddy, Boxster GTS, has not been riding for about a few weeks, so Boxster became somewhat sorry. I wonder if it is getting dull.

So I wish I could ride this, but this Boxster is a manual car, so I do not like to ride. Or, to ride a Boxster, I canceled the AT limit, I exchanged my license and practiced in the neighborhood,Sliding down on the slope,I got a hazard at the public road and stopped,From the trauma that caused super troubles to the following car,I have stopped driving like that now.

Furthermore, since Boxster is a two-seater rider, you can not go to practice unless you ask someone to lick the two children.(Because I am not alone)Let's practice it so far! To be honest I am motivated to not happen now.

The determination of this year is also vain ...

By the way, at the beginning of the year,"This year will be able to drive a manual car!"I was motivated. . My husband said "Super amateurs are driving a Boxster manual car and thinking it would be fun to give youtube videos youtube", but it is impossible to wipe away such bubbles and to death.

... and today it is an article I do not know what to say, but anyway with oil change and inspection, Panamera turbo will come back without anything, I think that I would like to go to the touring when the weather is good.(It seems to be raining this weekend though)

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  1. Blur

    We always have fun look
    I got a phone from my charge and the production in January was confirmed. While referring to this blog I am waiting for you to change sheets and options. At the same time I thought that I tried to duplicate it from 4s to a turbo, but I fell in love with that pleasantly high engine sound so I changed the model and decided the order.
    Thank you for your continued junk article

  2. panamera-life

    Ooo, Bokuyo!
    finally! congratulations!
    That means that it is delivered in spring ^ _ ^
    It is good to have 4S high engine sound!
    I was impressed when I first tested.
    Thank you for seeing the blog and for your reference! Continue to thank you ^ _ ^

  3. Banki Hajime

    Although it is a considerably old post, I will comment!
    When cayenne at my house also enters the tower parking, that display appears almost every time. When I first went out, I was rushing and inquired of Polensen, but I was told that you should bring it if it does not disappear after a while, but when running for about 10 minutes it disappears without permission, so in the display I care about in particular I think whether there is nothing!

    • Mina

      Mr. Bank Hijime
      Thank you for your comment! !

      > Cayenne at my house will also display almost every time it gets in tower parking.

      Oh, that's right! So if it runs for a while and disappears, it means that there is no problem in particular!
      But when I first go out I will be impatiently impressed ... (haha)

      Thank you for receiving valuable information!