In the thick fog, I drove on the Ashi Driveway in Panamera Turbo.

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Suddenly, I should go to the Ashio Driveway.

Yesterday was a tremendous heavy rain. In the morning there was Halloween event of the eldest daughter's kindergarten, and we sent them in Panamaera during the heavy rain, and the eldest daughter and second daughter and I participated.From the evening, the rain also came up and the sunny day began to appear, so I went to Panamaera with a family to Ashi Driveway.Since I was driving for the first week in the last week, I am slightly nervous ....

I did not step on the accelerator.

Panamera Turbo, it is still terrible. Because I had not been riding for a while, I was afraid of that extra thing. Not expressive expression, rather than acceleratorJust by consciously "stepping on" it proceeds.It is as if my brain and car are connected. It is already 0.1 millimeter world rather than 1 millimeter.

Of course, there is no play in the accelerator, just stepping on the brake a bit, I start to steer."Sports cars and super cars are heavy in brakes and difficult for women to drive"There is an image that, Panamera Turbo is not such a thing at all.

Jekyll and a hideful run.

In the streets, it runs super gentleman.It turns over as it becomes a mountain road.Just a bit of accelerating,(I think that it is also a world of 2 mm, I have not measured it.)Panamera Turbo will begin showing some of the power that it originally has.

If you turn the steering wheel off, you will turn without thinking without cutting it. Although it is a steep curve, it steadily bends to steadily step on the accelerator and want to accelerate. Acceleration sound echoing pleasantly in the bass and exhaust sound bobbly sounds that you can hear as you loosen the accelerator slightly.

With this engine sound, BGM is no longer necessary.

Unfortunately the observatory is dense fog.

Driving pleasantly like this, the foot was sunny, but the top of the mountain was still foggy and arrived at the observation tower, there was no one.(That looks so bad)

(A leaf is attached.)

Even though it has been delivered for more than two weeks, the weekend so far is rainy every week, so we do not see Panamera in the neat blue metallic shining beautifully under a pale blue sky.

I wonder if I can take good pictures next week. On the way back, I tried running in Individual mode. Individual mode is a thing that instantly changes to your favorite setting by turning the dial on the lower right side of the steering wheel,

· Foot a little hard
· Pull out the rear feathers
· Large engine sound

It is set as.

I do not have to go into sports mode, but it looks like it looks sporty. This was also very messy, daringly stopped to be headed by a red light, then opened the window and accelerated at a moment when it became a green light.(Just say, it's about 5 mm)

When I say the comfort of the accelerating sound at that time, that is already terrible."Wow what this super cool!I want to hear more sound!I want to open the roof!I wish I had Panamera cabriolet! "Saying good, but I arrived home in no time.

I want to go to the drive more this weekend.


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