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Living with Porsche

Conversation with railroad geeks

To those who met yesterday after a long absence,"Actually, I like Porsche Panamera,I am writing a blog of Panamera. "In fact, "I am actually a railroad geek, but I also wish to write a blog of railroad geeks" I said.

I am not familiar with Panamera enough to say geek yet, I just like it, but I want to know more about Panamera and I want to know more about Porsche.

And in that conversation,"I recently went to the model railroad model museum, but it was terrible"What you said was surprised ... It was already a wonderful story.

Shintaro Hara

Since I did not know about that museum at all, I looked it up, it was one who was former managing director of Kokuyo who is Mr. Shin Taro Hara. In this article, Mr. Hara and the museum are introduced in detail.

 Hara burned passion for not only the railroad model, but also the collection of the ticket most. The first ticket is the first ticket issued by the line that opened, and usually it can not be obtained unless it is at the top of the line at the opening day of opening. There are dozens of them on display, and it is no longer a matter of obsession. There are the first tickets in the designated seat of the Tokaido Shinkansen which opened in 1964, but it seems sticking to Hikari No. 1, No. 1 car, No. 1 seat.
* Article quote: Hobby after unprecedented culmination of life! Shintaro Hara and "The Railway Model Train Museum"

Awesome ...

In occasion seeking the ticket, sometimes they are absent from the company and are lined up side by side, collecting valuable models by placing personal property, etc. After that, museums are made and myself It is still making many people happy even after his death.

Beyond the area of railroad geek, it is really wonderful to say "amazing".

Thinking in Porsche

Regarding Porsche, it is something that comes to mind beyond his hobby is Susumi Hoshino of D'station Racing. When I went to see Carrera Cup of Okayama International Circuit before(Super GT was the main,I was not interested in that, I saw only the Porsche Carrera cup on the undercard)I first learned about Mr. Hoshino. It is amazing ... It is also on Wikipedia.

As manager, CEO of NEXUS, a pachinko hall "D'STATION" operating mainly in the Kanto region, as a athlete, he also participated in a car race sponsored as a company and racing driver.

Born in Katashi village to a house that manages a shipping company that carries dumplings and lakes of Tanigawadake. After succeeding family business, I entered the game industry in 1995 and opened the first store of D'STATION (currently Numata general head office) in Numata city. After that, we expanded the business area one after another, and it was grown into a large company with dozens of stores, mainly in the Kanto region, with annual sales exceeding 200 billion yen (results for June 2016). He is serving as a driver of Super Durable and Porsche Carrera Cup while also serving as a team owner of "D'station Racing".

Mr. Hoshino has started to participate himself in the race of the Porsche Carrera Cup after over 40 years old. He seriously practiced training and practicing, experienced victory many times in the gentlemen class, now is fighting in the overall class. Looking at Mr. Hoshino's website,

In order to participate in the Super GT 300, I will go to get top grades from the first year of 2017. And in the near future I would like to race with Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race (France) and Daytona 24 Hour Race (USA) as D'Station Racing with all Japanese drivers

Wait! really! You are watching Le Mans!
... How much money does it cost!

Someday Porsche garage

It's really amazing as we go so far. My husband,"I will not build a house absolutely, but I want to build a car dedicated garage"Yesterday, I talked about yesterday, "There is a former senior man of Kokuyo who is Mr. Kokuyo, I like the railroad and made a museum and I hope to build a future Porsche garage"

"For that reason, I do not build a huge wealth, so I am a more profitable aika!"

It seemed like it was not even serious (Baku) I also want to build a Porsche garage Before that, I start from the place where I purchase one Porsche by myself first. Dreams are huge! Good luck!

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