As a result of considering the reason why women are not interested in cars, I caught five reasons.

Porsche Panamera meter
Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband
What is mentioned as a reason why women are not interested in cars.

"Women are not interested in cars"It is said in the world. For that reason,

· Maintenance fee is expensive
· I am not conscious of driving.
· It is good enough to take a passenger seat
· I am afraid of risk when accident happens

It seems that you can say, for sure, I will nod. But I think the main reason why women are not interested in cars,There are few women riding a car (by hobby) around himselfI think that it is something.

There are few women riding a car around
→ I do not feel like having a car
→ In the first place, buying a car does not fit into life's choice
→ The number of women riding in a car does not increase
→ There are few women riding a car around

Is it a loop of ...? People born in a self-employed family think that it is usual to start a business by themselves as a start-up, and I hear that many people actually do so. On the contrary, those who grew up at workers' homes think that it is common for themselves to work for a company as well.

As my husband was born in a house that runs business for generations, he said that "wearing a suit and getting company to work every day makes us feel uncomfortable." Because I was born in the house of a company worker on the contrary, I thought that starting my own business is a sense of incongruity ... I think that it is a way of living by people in the world different from myself.

People who do things that are not in the environment where they grew up feel a sense of incompatibility, and they do not fit in the option of doing it in the first place.People are greatly affected by the environment in which they are placed.That's why women are not interested in cars,"Because there is no woman who owns a car with a car lover around him,I can not imagine getting on a car too. "Is not it like that?

Let's deeply explain why women are not interested in cars.

However, thinking "Why did this situation happen?" I think that there are deeply rooted reasons. When I looked at it, I came across five reasons.

1 There were few women who could make money on their own
To buy a car, it actually costs money. It costs money in 1 million units and it costs maintenance costs. To buy a car by yourself, it is difficult if you do not make it to a certain extent, but in the days before now, I think that there were still few women earning that. Although the proportion of working women continues to increase, there have been many women who quit their jobs for marriage and childbirth until 10 years ago. (It was such a situation when I graduated from a new graduate)

But now I am in the era of having myself working with men and women, so I think that women like cars may increase in future.

Beauty priority is higher than 2 cars
Although there are no money, many women make up loans of expensive esthetic. In order to be beautiful, even if we cut down on food expenses, we also spend quite a bit of money on basic cosmetics every month. Because I am also a woman so ... from that point of view, women"I want to become beautiful even when I become years old and want to become cute"It is. I think that this is not an idea but instinct.

Rather than for someone, I want to be beautiful for myself. When I become beautiful, I can feel confident in myself, because I like myself more than now, I can change my life a lot.(An explosion that has a time to deliberately deliberate as if somehow it would be like Haruka Ayase)

It is not Maslow 's desire 5 - stage theory, but the car is a desire to come out after satisfying some desire for beauty. In order to do so, you must earn it.

3 Image not good for women like cars
Unfortunately, the image for a car lover is not very good. "Ah, why do you like the favorite runner?" "It's like men who do not need boyfriend, because they are men's boys, do not you think?" There are many women who feel that the image precedes it although it is not.

But this is not limited to women, and motor sports culture is not well rooted in Japan,Car = geekWell,A carA strong image is strong. When I also met my husband, I first heard that I like cars, "Oh, it feels like tofu carrying while drifting along the mountain path like the initial D (-_-)"I was thinking (explosion)

Female marketing by four car manufacturers is too amusing
I often hear the car maker making cars for women and talking about marketing. But"Pastel color suits me! Pink too!" Or "Fashionable compact car is perfect for me!"I wonder ... I only saw a sweet, girls 'girls' CM. So, without knowing unintentionally,"A car that matches a woman is a pink compact car.""A woman chooses a car with an appearance cuteness rather than running or sound."I feel that it has been imprinted.

However, recently, even in relation to a diet, since it seems pretty to see the state of the stoic girls who train in the beakaki, in the era, since the woman is "a cool woman", the CM of a car for women also changes It might be.

5 Japanese culture does not make things different from people
In Japan, there is a strong tendency to regard the same things as everyone else. Because it is a single ethnic country so much more? People are sometimes difficult to live by being out of "female image" which is commonly held by the world. That's why I think that it is actually necessary for courage to declare to the surroundings that it is a car lover. Well this is not limited to women.

Is diversity fundamental in reality?

And, I tried writing a lot,"Women are not interested in cars"The story of whether it is not only difficult to drive, the risk of accidents, etc., but also that there is a cause in a more deeply rooted place. Just important,

There may be people who are not interested in cars, there are people who like cute cars, people who like sports cars can be there, and there are various people in the world.

So, even in Japan"Oh, I think that way of thinking, is not it?" "I am different, but you like that, too, is not it?"Will there be more women like cars if cultures that accept diverse things are developed?

Let me also profess more about car lovers.

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