I refused the opportunity to run a romantic road in Porsche is such a stupid thing.

911 Carrera 4S
Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

In my life in 36 years

I have lived for 36 years, and I regret not much in my life. I have been doing what I want to do at that time and I like my current life. But it was never a way of saying "It's fun to go living a life, it's fun going well", there were more people who failed, and I had a lot of setbacks and I often saw sore eyes. ButWhen choosing "doing or not doing" came before my eyes, I decided to do "do" with courage and say that "I should have done this at that time ..." that there is not much regret.

Is that my only regret?

Just that I am the only one who regretted insanely. that is,It was a shot of the chance to run a German romantic road on Porsche.
In October 2014, my husband and I went to Germany at a rather late honeymoon (two years after marriage). At that time, there were no Porsche at my house, and my husband was dreaming that "someday Porsche" and I was working hard. If I travel to Germany with great pains, my husbandRent a Porsche, run an autobahn, south of the romantic road, over the Porsche Museum, the Mercedes · Benz Museum, the BMW Museum, the Audi MuseumI made the process. (What a honeymoon trip)

Before I go on a trip, my husband asked me "I must keep an absolute international driver's license and rarely run in the German way in Porsche", but at that time I was brought up with the first birth Reluctantly when I graduated from a paper driver. I often bumped cars and rubbed them, and I was not confident about driving anymore.

Therefore, no matter how much it is said from her husband,

"There is no disinfection! Overseas, with the left steering wheel, the lane is also opposite to Japan, and Porsche impossible impossible Σ ヽ (` д ';)! "

And hardly did not get a license.

"Because I do not have to drive, I only have an international driver's license and maybe I want to drive while I am on the front passenger's seat. But if I caught it would be serious, so I never took it in the end and went to Germany without taking it.

No way 911, Noisa Carrera 4S

My husband reserved Boxster, but there is a mistake in the rental car company, at the local airport counter"Now that Boxter is paying out, can Carrera 4S be OK?"I was told to be like (surely, Makan or Carrera 4S or something ... was not it?), My husband"Really! It is like a dream to be able to ride 911 !!"I remember being excited a lot.(The rent-a-car at that time is this)

And I was specializing in the passenger seat, although I thought that it was a good car indeed, I was almost asleep at the Feeling of the Autobahn and Romantic Road.(I ran on such a beautiful road)

With such a reason, despite being in a sleeping explosion, I returned home to a great satisfaction.

Why, why, why ... then ....

But I think now.

"Why did I shake the opportunity to see the opportunity as a chance to see a chance to run a German romantic road in Porsche?"


Are you a stupid? When…(-_-)

In Japan, especially in the Kansai area, there are not many pleasant runways. Even though I am on Panamera, I always think that "there must be a way to demonstrate the power that Panamera possesses even more."

That German romantic highway, the great grassland as far as the eye can see, a straight road without signal, a gentle and pleasant curve, and such a way to run through Porsche under the clear sky should have been quite pleasant.

Even at Autobahn, my husband thinks he was delivering a tremendous speed(I guess it was probably about 200 km / h)It is rare that you can drive Porsche with the Autobahn that can demonstrate the real value of Porsche.

There may still be opportunities in life, but even if I go next time it will be children, so it may have been the only opportunity to be able to run without worrying about my time with my husband and wife in a young age.

Really ... you should have done stupid things ... (-_-) ....

To people, "I did not regret what I did but regret still remainedHowever, the opportunity that came in front of us,(Except ethically and physically impossible)Anyway, let's do it in Jesus. I want to go on carefully without having a regret, no regrets.

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  1. R230 BRABUS

    I am always entertaining on Twitter.
    Sorry regret that I did not get on during my honeymoon but I know that there is "Panamera's unknown ability" when I change my mind so now I am going to a German trip and next time I am moved I think it will be several times! Because Germany will not go away, I hope to go again (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      R230 BRABUS!
      Thank you twitter though!
      Wow surely you are right!
      > I know that there is "Panamera's still unseen ability" Now that I go on a trip to Germany on the next occasion I think driving will be several times!
      That's right! I almost cried (laugh) I am looking forward to going to the next German! (There are no plans at all, but w)
      I definitely will drive by myself ^ ^!