Should I buy Volkswagen Golf 1.2 or 1.4?

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Volkswagen Golf

Our Volkswagen Golf 7

In August 2016, the Volkswagen Golf All Star became a member of our house. This is when my husband commutes, or when five people have to go somewhere(Panamera is a four-seater, Boxter and SL are two-seater ...)And when I go to a parking lot or a narrow street.

By the way, our golfThis is a limited-edition 300 limited edition of Golf 7 (previous term) with 1.2 liter turbo engine and 7-speed DSGmodel. The body color is a special color called carbon steel gray metallic. And this golf,

"1.2 liter turbo engine has no power at all, right?"

I did not expect much, but when I get delivered and riding it, this is a really good car.

In such a case, the turn of golf

Every one of me, from this year, once a month, my father's family(My own countryside)I decided to visit my husband's family home tomb(It happens that the graves of the two families are neighbors), I decided to use golf instead of Panamera, when I go to a grave.Because the country way around my father's home is already too narrow so I can not pass by Panamera.

It is about 3 hours by going back and forth, about 160 kilometers round trip to the distance, a feeling that modern highway, town ride and country road drive mixed moderately, but this time it was a pleasant drive as well. So, let's write a comprehensive evaluation of Golf 7 this time as we will post the details in the future as well.

Evaluation in my personal opinion

1) Street ride

Compared to Porsche, going forward only with accelerator pedal 1 millimeter, there is no impression of a single person feeling, I feel that there is some play in the accelerator. Just saying"What is this accelerator, fluffy, sky ska!" There is no thing at all, just move firmly as you step.The brake is also soft, but it works well without problems.

"1.2 liter turbo engineSo, I was worried that I could climb the steep hill in front of my house, but it climbed without any problems, and I didn't feel like I was doing my best! Rather, the Audi A3 20.T, which was in my home before, had a feeling of idleness on slopes and transmissions. And unlike Panamera, it is very convenient because you can go anywhere and park anywhere because it has a small turn.

2) Highway driving

Acceleration when joining from entering the highway feels like the power is weak.However, it is usually 0-100 km / h: 3.6 seconds(In the car graphic test, faster 0-100 km / h: 3.36 seconds)Maybe because I'm on a monster Panamera Turbo.On the other hand, acceleration from around 80 km / h which took a certain amount of speed is quite smooth.

It is too pleasant, and if you notice it often happens that speed will exceed 100 km / h with extra margin.Moreover, even if speed is given, the ground contact feeling of the ground properly remains, there is a sense of stability, there is no fear or tension feeling which is speeding up, and you can relax and go fast.After all, the German car made in anticipation of running on the autobahn knows that such a place is amazing.

3) interior and seat

Interior of golf all-star is pretty cool. The stitching of the seat is stylish, there is also no cheapness as feeling of touch panel and handle. Since the seat is not too soft, it does not get tired even when driving for a long time. And the rear seats are unexpectedly wide. Why ... ...?A husband with a height of 178 cm also said that "the back seat is loose."The seat adjustment of the driver's seat and the passenger seat is manual rather than electric, so people like electricity who do not like it is not such a person.

4) ACC (adaptive cruise control)

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) of golf is clever.
Lane keep assist of golf keeps lane until some curve, even if interrupted halfway, it senses firmly and lets you brake.But, as with the new Panamera, there is only one radar in the middle instead of right and left, so caution is needed for a sudden interruption.

And anyway, ACC is easy at times of traffic. It will go on even in Torotori, and after 3 seconds has elapsed, ACC will be in the standby state, but if you press the RES button or stepping on the accelerator a little, it will follow you again. Conversely it's too comfortable to sleep, so be careful there w.
However, if I left the initial setting, I felt scared that the distance between the cars was narrow and the timing of the brake was slow,It is better to adjust the distance setting widely.

5) Fuel economy

The fuel economy is very good(If you compare Panamera Turbo any cars are okay w). Even in such a condition that gasoline will soon be lost, the possible range of 100 km is amazing (゚ д ゚)! !

By the way, the fuel consumption of visiting the grave the other day is here.

Eh 6.7 km / l ...! What? It is really bad!

I thought, but this is because my husband is only saying "how many liters are necessary to run 100 km"In terms of "Japan can run many kilometers per liter" translated into "14.9 km / l". Pretty good. Even when my husband is using it for commuting, it is almost always between 14 and 15 km / l.

By the way, although I have been running about 20000 km since purchasing with a new car, there is never a breakdown after purchase.At the time of 5000 km, I changed the oil at the dealer once and had a complete inspection, but so far it has been running well without any problems.

If you ride a golf for a day because it ’s too good a car

"Panamaera anymore, golf is oh yeah"

I think so much (¯ ー ¯).

My husband also said "1.2 or 1.4 is more than 1.2"I think that's enough. There should be no doubt because my husband is driving a Panamera turbo with 550 horsepower, equipped with a 4L V8 twin turbo engine (laughs)

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