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Under the blue sky parking lot ...

In my house, I borrowed a parking lot in the neighborhood besides the parking lot in my house, and I stop the Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129) there. However, since my home is in the suburbs and there is no covered parking lot in the neighborhood, I am renting a blue sky parking lot with gravel at the bottom. (Parking lot first is certainly 10,000 yen / month). It is like the picture below ...

After all, when it comes to the blue sky parking lot, the important car is exposed to the weather and the husband"Absolutely not doing a body cover! Even just this SL is old, it breaks down at once in a rainy condition", Minkara and WEB were looking for which manufacturer's bodycover is good in various ways.

I caught up in it"Nakabayashi Kogyo Co., Ltd."It's a body cover.Founded in 1972, it seems to be a body cover specialty company in Osaka boasting over 45 years experience.With custom made order of complete order production, it is this Nakabayashi industrial that developed the first "brushed body cover" for now.

In the past, as a result of the fact that the body cover of Ninpin Industry has won first place in the car care "body cover division" of "Mikara", it seems to be a well-known company among car lovers. Looking at the homepage, although there is a feeling of Showa sense,On the contrary, the feeling of not pursuing stylish unnecessarily, let us know the thorough manufacturing advocacy.Although I think that we would like to visit the site once, I do not have passion for bodycover creation, I learn Q & A as much as reading and it is very interesting.

What type of car does it correspond to?

When you are browsing the site as "Which car body cover will you make?", The lineup is quite abundant, including Japanese cars, German cars, French cars, Italian cars, American cars, etc.Moreover, since most types are made by finely calculating based on the measurements from the actual car, it seems that it fits perfectly to the car body.It is amazing. For example, one Porsche 911,

① 911 (930/964/993) 911 turbo
② 911 (964) 911 Carrera 2 / Carrera 4 / Convertible
③ 911 (993) 911 Carrera / Carrera 4 / Convertible
④ 911 (993) 911 Carrera 4 S

And 4 patterns are prepared. It's amazing ... Incidentally, there was also a body cover for Panamera. I wonder if it will be tough to put a body cover on such a huge body. However, as rain breeze comes in from the side of the home parking lot, it seems that you should do a body cover, considering that car bruises and dirt are reduced.

What is the assessment of Nakabayashi's body cover husband?

So, my husband ordered the body cover of Nakabayashi Industry immediately and actually put it on SL. It seems that this time it was with brushed back with a brushed back, and it seemed to have made a type with a hole through which air escaped, but when I asked my husband about the impression after getting on it for a couple of weeks, it was praised greatly. The reason is below.

① The car will not get dirty because it can not be curled by wind / rain

Because it fits perfectly in the car, it does not get dusty, and even if it is exposed to weather and rain, there are no stains or waterdrops attached. So it seems that the number of car washes has drastically decreased."The car is beautiful no matter how long it will be!"My husband was impressed. Even if it's still spring as it is now spring, washing hand-washing in the midsummer is physically tight, so it's better to wear a body cover after all.

② Easy desorption

Normally, the cover of the brushed bristles is heavy and heavy, thick and thick, so desorption is troublesome, but because the body cover of Ninglin Industry is thin and light, it seems that it can be removed quickly. Moreover, when folding the body cover with how folding is recommended by Nakabayashi Industries, it becomes easily compact, the husband"I think that it may be good to desorb every day"He said.

③ light and strong

Not only is it thin and light, the fabric is also strong. Not merely making a car's body cover"Important cover that protects precious cars firmly"It is well known that it is made with extraordinary thought and pride. The color of this silver fabric is also difficult to be shit to birds, it seems to have arrived after looking for colors that can block sunlight.

④ Response is prompt and sincere

The husband who likes the body cover for SL,"Even though there is a roof at home in the parking lot at home, since rain breeze comes in from the side, I want to protect Boxster"Saying, I bought some for Boxster immediately. However, it seems that the seams of the covers for Boxster were a little attached, and when I contacted Nakabayashi Industries with e-mail,

"We will create a new body cover immediately and send it. Since we enclose the COD slip when you send it, please send us your body cover in cash on delivery. "

There was a reply of the content saying that a new body cover and a cash on delivery handbook arrived uninterrupted for a week. In addition, explanation was carefully explained about cause which was frayed by e-mail, along with the text of apology"I will thoroughly do things like this in the future!"It seems that the text was written. "I am sorry that we will correspond to here, though I just thought that it was a little hooked up," the husband was reluctantly conversed.

There is also the possibility of getting free gifts!

It seems that there are about 3000 types of patterns owned by Nakabayashi Industries, but I think there are times when there are no types of my own cars. In such a case, if you brought in a car, you measure it there, thank you for bringing in a car, you can get a body cover gift.

If you bring the vehicle type desired by Nakabayashi Industries and carry out the measurement cooperation, we will give you free of charge thanking the 1st body cover by TT - 9000 (back brushed) fabric. In addition, because there is a car, we can cooperate but for those who do not need a body cover I will present a VJA gift card (for 10,000 yen).
Since the car model which Nakabayashi Industry is seeing is published here, please check by all means. Even though there are molds, there are also models you are looking for for improvement.

I am overkill! I do not think that the pattern paper of the new Panamera Turbo is yet so, so let me carry it in.

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