Panamera Turbo Wheel, why her husband dared to choose 21 inch.

Wheel of Panamera
Porsche Panamera

Still more rustic Gimon.

The wheel of our Panamera turbo is 21 inches. To my husband who came home from work yesterday

"Why did you make Panamera Turbo at 21 inch wheels?"

When asked without any mind, a husband lecture over 30 minutes started from there w. I do not know the basic structure of the car,"Wheel size difference = difference in tire size"I thought it was, but I was surprised to know that the outer diameter of the tire will not change.

"Even if I do 19 inches and 21 inches, obviously the tire size is 21 inches bigger and my legs look longer," he says,

"It's an illusion of the eye, if you change it to the size of the tire, it will not change all the way to the speedometer, etc. That's impossible to do (-_-) /"

It was decorated. Well ... That's right ... You think you are calm, you're right.

Panamera Turbo Wheel

Well, returning the story back to the wheel, Panamera Turbo's standard wheel is 20 inches. That's it.

Source:Porsche Japan official website "Panamera Turbo Models"

Even this is cool enough. On the other hand, the wheel of our house21 inch '911 Turbo Design Wheel'However,

It was 21 inches that "It's just because it has leg length effect and it's cool in designI thought that. Having said that,

No, I initially thought that 20 inches would be nice. When I made the wheel 21 inches, the weight became heavier and the tire became thin,The ride comfort becomes worse.Kana

Well - I guess so. My husband continued saying like this.

However, Mr. H, who is in charge of sales,"If you buy a turbo in a big way, the 21-inch is cooler!"So if you examine the 21 inch wheel "911 Turbo Design Wheel"Tanzo WheelAs I wrote it, so I thought that even if I was 21 inches, I chose it.



... Er ,,,"Tanzou"What is it (-_-)? What?

"Forged wheel" and "casting wheel"

On the wheel,"Forged wheel"When"Casting wheel"There are different manufacturing methods. Manufacturing technology is more difficult for forged, but it becomes a light and stronger wheel accordingly.(The price will also increase as well)If forged, it was light and strong even if it was 21 inches, so I thought that riding comfort would not be bad for that, so my husband chose 21 wheels.

For "Forged wheel" and "Casting wheel" for detailsHereIt is explained carefully in.

"When thinking about specifications in the configurator, I thought about choosing such things," I said,

Well. Based on the huge amount of information in my head, I chose the best spec considering it. (¯ ー ¯) b

"My husband responded positively. No, it's otaku ('Д `) ノ w

And actually my husband's younger brother, dealer and 19 inch Panamera(Normal Panamera's genuine wheel is 19 inches)After tried the test, I got on the Panamera Turbo at our house"21 inch burns, 19 inches and comfortable riding"He said he was saying.

The car is deep. Designers and engineers are truly amazing.

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