Is the GT3 engine installed in the new Porsche 911 Speedster? It will be announced this summer.

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911 Speed ​​Star to the GT 3 engine?

Yesterday my husband,

"This 911 Speed Star, maybe the engine of GT 3 may be!"

I was talking with excitement. As soon as you read the article on the net"Prospects to be released this summer"it is written like this.

What is 911 Speed ​​Star?

That's right, I've lots of things I do not know about Porsche"What is 911 Speedster?"It is a story.

Speed ​​star is a limited model of traditional Porsche, with lower front windows than usual 911, soft top that opens and closes manually, and "double bubble" design(Like a Boxster spider)Features such as. It is always released at the last timing of the current type.

When. By the way, the first generation was "356 Speed ​​Star" in 1950 and the production volume is 4722 units.

Even if you look at the used car market, there are almost "replicas" that are now, the real thing is rarely available.
Source:Porsche official website "Porsche 356 Speed ​​Star (1956 model) restore"

2069 "930 Speed ​​Star" was produced in 2065 units.

Source:PLanex CARS "Porsche 930 Speed ​​Star TurboLook (1989)

In 1993 "964 Speed ​​Star" was released, and the number of units produced is about 970 units.

Source: Cursor Sensor "964 Speed ​​Star"
I feel like they are quite similar to the second generation model, but if the viewer sees it will be totally different.

And "2010 Speed Star" in 2010. This is currently being traded at a super high price premium price. Limited 356 units. The number of production decreased in a stroke. Did you put it on the first Porsche "356"?

Source:Motor music

And the new Speed ​​Star planned to be released this year is a topic among Porsche fans as it is the resurgence in the past 8 years. And rumors that the number of new type of production is 1948 units, "First birth is 1948". This is a spy shot.

Source:carview "Porsche 911 Speedstar 991.2 type, with GT 3 4.0 liter natural intake?"

If it is NA, do you buy it?

My husband looks at the article"Wow, this is amazing ... If you buy it next time, quit Spider and do it."Because I was saying"Is it so much to load the GT 3 engine?"And,

Sora na or so. It is absolutely worth more than a Boxster spider. Maamonds are very expensive.

When. It is inevitable that 20 million yen or more is inevitable, after purchase it will rise to about 100 million yen at the premier."Is there also a manual for 911 Speed ​​Star?"And,

Hey yeah. Absolutely manual specifications come out in the home country, but may not come into Japan. If there is no manual, it is not necessary unless it is an engine of GT3.

When. Well because her husband is "NA + manual + (open)" life.

Porsche measures for resale purpose buyers.

However, because the production volume is small, it is not enough to have been purchased by people for resale. Recently Porsche has been keeping an eye on measures against speculators and resellers.Regarding a specific model, we add the name of the customer who buys one by one before manufacturing, and a bad buyer can not be placed even on the waiting list.

Actual dealer sales person also told that the owner who truly cherished it took care of the frame and was drawing a draw.
Sora seems so. Only after reaching the person who purely asks for the car, if you get on with the big deal, the car is also a great demand.

Still, ... 911 Speed ​​Star, Boxster Spider, 911 GT 3 etc ... As information of various new releases comes out constantly, it is becoming oblivious to know what timing to buy at what timing to be honest.

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