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Yesterday, children rarely slept so both of us slept so quickly, I talked about my life with my husband after a long interval. Moreover, in a syllaf(Because neither my husband nor I drink)I forgot why such a topic was made,

"Everyone who is successful in the world say the same things. Everyone says that what you want to do is fine"

From the story ... From there"Recently I may feel that I am the most enjoyable in my life. I think that's because I am doing what I want most to do. "It turned out like a story.

Have you ever had a different life?

Conversely my life until now seems to be doing what I want to do, in fact it was not. Than that"To meet the expectations of others" "To be evaluated from the surroundings"I feel like I was desperately trying to clench my teeth.

I think that is important, but since I do not think that "I want to do it from the bottom of my heart", I always feel something wrong and suffering somewhere ... I must drive myself down and give out results, desperately I was making an effort. Also,I believed that most efforts could be accomplished by making efforts.

Collapse of values

Such values ​​of mys have recently changed by 180 degrees."Even if you make an effort there are things that you do not get results"Because I knew it. When I took the university exam, when I was hired, when I joined the company with a new employee, when I was aiming for top sales in sales ... At that time I planned to do my best and I was able to get results as it was .

So"If you strive, you can achieve most things"It was my own way to value.

However, I had a challenge from the age of 27 and it took about nine years ... during that time all the time I tried hard not to be compared, but I still could not get the results I wanted. Or, I could not achieve 1% of the desired result, 90% of what I should do is not going well.

"Comedy comedians who do not sell can sometimes sprout after 10 years of hard work."
"Even Rakuten, Amazon did not work at all for the first few years"

Therefore, if you do without giving up, the result comes out. On the contrary the result has not come out because my own effort is insufficient. Nine more years passed, repeatedly losing herself, losing her physical condition, losing sleep at all times, irritated with parenting, repeating her own question.

Awareness since entering 2018

And this year, I felt that the current wave of the field I came up to date has changed completely, I was confronted with the reality that I can never win even if I do it like this. Finally there"Oh ... it is already complete defeat"I was out of power, in a sense refreshing, I was able to give up in virtue.

There may be roads that will not give up, but I did as much as I did, so I thought that it was enough,The decision which does not do "doing" rather than "doing" is a matter of courage selection for mewas.

In just 9 years "I may be good at liking to tell a lot of people the goodness of what I thought was good. "There was a discovery that this blog which had done as a hobby somehow since last year was connected with nature.

I like Porsche, readers are increasing, and I wonder what I should do seriously here. Then I decided to start blogging after April in WordPress, and I started to operate in full swing.

While feeling everyday feelings everyday

It's almost two months from there. It may be the most enjoyable in my life now.That's because I like what I like.I made it a letter for my favorite Porsche, so that I can use it for someone who is considering buying a Porsche and can share my joy.

I do not have such a wonderful thing.

I am still sleeping, because I have a lapse of 1 year old second daughter in the middle of the night, but I still wake up before 6 o'clock. And more refreshing. OK, when you head over as to what to write today, what you want to write is overflowing.

This is a feeling that I have lived for 36 years and have never existed before.

The world that I thought as "right" living is actually very small, and the world is tremendously wide. Also, through the Porsche blog, it was a big awareness that I knew that there are people who earn a lot of money, have plenty of time and live abundantly in a world that I can not imagine in my values.

Will it be a salesman of Porsche?

... I told my husband yesterday what I want to do

"Or rather, if you hire it as a salesman of Porsche? I think that it can be sold out (- _ -)"

It was said.

Yes, certainly ... I have confidence to sell it. Three years ago I was not interested in Porsche at all, but ... I had three senior sales positions in my previous job, so there is a foundation, because Porsche is a product that is wonderful.

... while thinking, from now on,I want to send myself a rich life honestly, obediently, smilinglyWhen. It is also these days these days that I realize that no experience is never useless, as it also felt hungry because of experience so far.

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