My husband is the biggest reason why my wife is opposed to Porsche purchase?

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In order not to oppose the purchase of Porsche to his wife

Let's share car hobby with couple

There are a couple of things to get comments and messages on the blog,"I envy that husband and wife can share the hobby of cars"Often you are writing the content such as. "Wife in the world is not so interested in cars?"

I was not interested in car at all until about three years ago, rather"A car is such a luxury item, it is not necessary for life! It is not meaningless to spend money on a car"I thought. It may have been a kind of unrecognized class that circled the public wife.

Opposite → understanding → sharing

To my husband"Hobby with your wife car hobbies Shall I be able to share it?"When asked,

Is not that so rare? Some people are opposed to Porsche purchase, others do not like it, there is understanding without being opposed, but there are many people who have not been able to share it.

When. I see. Indeed as a wife's stance,"Opposite → understanding → sharing"I do not feel like I'm at the stage.(Are there any stances like no interest at all?)

Why are they opposed?

Why is my husband opposed to purchase Porsche from his wife?

The biggest thing is"Money problem"I think that. Even though life is crazy"A man is a romance!" "Do not talk to my hobby!" "I will buy a Porsche!"On what day it was said, all the wives of the world would oppose everyone.

Before that, please do not make more money as my wife tells you about it. There is a word "freedom and responsibility" in the world! !

It will be like a story.

But probably enough to earn enough, there are also some husbands who do not think much of Porsche purchase from his wife, some are opposed. Why is that?

Problem of "sales force"

On the other hand, my husband was saying like this.

My husband gave my wife a promise to purchase Porsche is the same as sales. From the other party who is saying "I need it," eventually he will think "buy it".

When. Certainly ... It is only a matter of getting rid of as soon as you emphasize the goodness of Porsche suddenly to the opponent who thinks "You do not need a Porsche." Continuing her husband,

You should act after describing the story until closing in a more strategic and concrete way. In other words, sales force.

He said. Certainly.

About the process my husband tried to capture meHereAlthough I wrote, but my husband said that no matter how interesting the car I was rather capturing me who had negative emotions,In other words it took about four years to bring it to "opposite → understanding". In addition, it is about 2 years until "understanding → sharing".

I mean, I used to work hard without giving up such a blatant conclusion (-_-).

It is not so in my usual work

However ... Husband who is opposed to buying a Porsche from his wife also seems to have more jobs than ever in a job with a position. On the occasion of work, you should have rooted out on a daily basis and how to assemble strategic work, and you should be giving results as well.

... But why is it so difficult for my wife to have Porsche purchase OK?

that is"Because I am a family member, it is natural for you to understand"I think that it is because there is a kind of amenity.

Even if I say my wife, I was originally a stranger. The environment and the values ​​that I grew up, the values, the situation of each other after marriage and my friendship are different. SoIt is more natural to start from the premise that "I do not understand" rather than "understanding".Rather than honing the goodness of Porsche, it is better to first hear about the situation of his wife.

· What kind of image does your wife initially have for the car?
· What do you feel inconvenience and dissatisfaction with your current life
· Do you like your car now or are you dissatisfied?

Whether you are satisfied with the current car or dissatisfied, the way you live will change afterwards, and you should understand the situation and work out strategies as well as sales.

... and so I'd like to try to organize and write in another article about what to live with in concrete terms and what we need to bring to the "understanding → empathy" of the next step think.

Hang in there! Husband of the world!

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