6/17 (Sunday) Tickets for Porsche Experience Day 2018 arrived!

Porsche Experience Day

Porsche Experience Day 2018.

Yesterday, Mr. H, a representative of our Porsche dealer, bother"Porsche Experience Day 2018"I delivered my ticket to my house. Inside, such a guest pass,

There was a parking ticket.

In order to park guest parking, it is necessary to present this parking ticket.
(I took a picture, but it was dark and bad, so I borrowed the data)

It seems that 500 tickets have already been sold by just the dealer who is responsible for our house so many people of Porsche fans will come on the day.

About the overview.

For Porsche Experience Day,

· Schedule Date Saturday, June 16, 2018 · Sunday, 17th (Sunday) 2 days
* Our couple go on Sunday 17th (Sunday)
· Holding duration Both days 8: 00 ~ 18: 00
· Venue Fuji Speedway Shizuoka prefecture Shizuoka prefecture Sunto-gun Oyama cho Naka-direction 694

The entrance this time is "East Gate".

When I went to see WEC last year it was a West Gate, so I have to make sure not to make mistakes.

What is the eyeball of this time?

I am looking forward to this time, anyway"Porsche parade run".You can run the main circuit on your own Porsche parade.Both days, limited to 70 people for the first time.The reception seems to be given to the event square with guest parking. Since reception starts at 8 o'clock, I wonder if I have to line up around 7 o'clock.

However, since the parade run is after the Carrera cup and the race are all over, we started a little late on 6/16 (Sat) at 17: 20 ~, 6/17 (Sunday) at 17: 30 ~. In addition, it seems that the schedule is often delayed significantly in the race, so it may be even late.

Regarding clothes,

Driver: long sleeves, long trousers, easy to drive shoes(Such as sneakers)
Fellow passenger: Clothing similar to the driver is recommended

And that. I was going to go with Boxter this time, but if I can run the circuit with a great deal(Even if you can not blow up, it is a valuable opportunity)Whether to go by Panamera Turbo - It is impossible to decide now that it is depending on the weather.

Other activities

In addition, I think that "I want to keep this absolutely!",

① 70th Anniversary Photo Spot

In order to commemorate the visit, a professional photographer shoots a guest and a favorite car, and photography data can be downloaded to the smartphone on the spot. The reception is closed as soon as the planned number is reached.

② Porsche museum car special exhibition

On the third floor of Pitville A, it seems that the legendary rally car "Porsche 959" and "New Cayenne" are displayed together with the history of the 70th anniversary. I am more interested in knowing the history of the 70th anniversary than Cayenne and 959 (explosion)

③ Pit Tour and Grid Walk

Although I experienced pit walks and grid walks at Okayama International and Fuji Speedway, it was a very valuable experience to see the race car at hand as well. Perhaps I think that there are many insanely people this time, so I'd rather stop it if it is too much(Weak base crowd)

Also, as for the Porsche Lineup trial ride, it seems that it is possible to test-drive a makan or a new model vehicle, but it was written that the general road outside the venue is a running schedule ... well Well it can be a trial ride even a usual dealer so this time separately It feels like Ranakha.

I thought of the lead on that day.

In any case, first, we have to apply for a parade run, so on the day we headed to get to the venue before 8 o'clock,

① Parade run acceptance → ② acceptance of car lover photos → ③ guest lounge → ④ time check of pit walk and grid walk → ⑤ watching special exhibition and goods booth, watching race etc.

Is it feeling?

... No, I feel like I'm going to Disneyland anymore (-_-)

With such a thing like that, I found out that I could not stay in the room yesterday.(I was interested in taking both of my husband and wife), I was relieved to be able to keep the accommodation in a hurry though it was a bit far away. No, it has become fun!

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  1. How to support life

    Hello Mina,
    I let you comment a little while ago,
    It's been a week since I came back to Japan (although I'm somewhere in the room)
    Today Pana Order "busted" came.
    Ride 32 million yen. It is expensive at the moment.
    We will pay application fee (15%) tomorrow.
    I am expecting deliveries in November or December.
    Mr. H in charge "If it is not an executive, it is useless if it is an ordinary turbo
    It's definitely in November though. Although I was saying,
    There are various circumstances, it is the Turbo executive.
    There is one thing that is shocking. Body color to rhodium silver
    I was planning to do it,
    Mr. H "Sorry, Rhodium Silver, it's useless.
    Somehow with GT Silver .... It is as high as 700,000 yen.
    Next week, it is production confirmation.
    "Even if I take a frame from another store, I will match it."
    I'm expecting you, Mr. H.

    I ordered a little and calm down. A day-end calendar from tomorrow
    It is the beginning.

  2. How to support life


    It's been a week since I returned home (the room is still a luggage but it's messy)
    Today Pana Order "busted" came.
    Ultimately, the ride was 32 million yen. It is still expensive this time.

    It seems that we will decide the production frame by paying application fee (15%) tomorrow,
    (Mr. H in charge) "Do not be an executive? If ordinary Turbo is delivered in November
    I do not mistake it. executive? "
    (Life) "This time I am decided on executive."
    (Mr. H) "I understood, I will do something if I take away the frame of another store!
    I did not quite understand what was "good".

    One shock was the body color.
    (Life) "Then, please rhodium silver, please."
    (Mr. H) "Eh! No, Rhodium Silver, I have not subscribed.
    It's gorgeous and beautiful with a little bit of blue though. GT Silver
    Would you? "
    It's as high as 700,000 yen with special color.

    But, the order lived and my feeling became calmer a little.
    A daily calendar starts from tomorrow for half a year (explosion).