I attended the 70th anniversary Porsche mosaic art project!

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* Image Source: 8speednet "Porsche 70th anniversary press conference" held

"Porsche mosaic art project"

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche,"Porsche mosaic art project" that makes a piece of mosaic art using pictures of Porsche and ownersWas started. I looked it up on the net quickly, and a special site was made. That's it.

Porsche mosaic art project

By the way, mosaic art is like this.

(This is the mosaic art at the opening of Kobe port 150 years)

How to participate?

To participate,There are two ways of posting photos with twitter or Instagram '# Porsche 70' or posting from a special siteIt seems. I decided to contribute from the site because I am impatient. As you see, many pictures have already been posted.

So I attached a title and text and posted one.

(It may not have been necessary to be in English ... moreover, it is not much English)

Then"Please wait for a while until approval"The message came out and the screen disappeared as it was. I wonder where it was posted. I wonder if it will be reflected in a while.

I waited for about 30 minutes but I can not confirm the post, so it may take a while.

Let's post on SNS!

Looking at the posted photos, there seem to be a lot of people posting with a hashtag in Instagram, so I will try adding a hashtag to future Instagram postings.

On the special site of Porsche"There is no guarantee that the posted photograph will always be used"Because it was written, it seems like you can contribute as many times as you like.
However"When will the mosaic art actually finished, when will it be released?" "When will the period of photo submission be?"Because it was not specified clearly, it seems to be loosely recruiting for a while.

We hope you are all right.

Porsche mosaic art project

Go to the Anniversary Fair!

Well, this weekend and next weekend on Saturday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday, October 10, at each Porsche dealer"Porsche 70th Anniversary Fair Porsche"Anniversary fair is held. I got limited goods, and I have to change the oil of Panamera, so I decided to go tomorrow immediately.

I wonder if it will be crowded - I will probably be getting messed up because I go with my child.

I'm looking forward!

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