I went to the Porsche 70th anniversary Anniversary Fair! Inside the store and novelty goods etc.

911 Front of Carrera S
Porsche Dealer
Porsche 70th Anniversary Fair

Yesterday is being held at the Porsche Center"Porsche 70th Anniversary Fair"I went to. Also, on June 16 and 17, I also exchanged oil before going to Fuji Speedway.(The amount of oil change and details will be posted at a later date)

And what?I also wanted a novelty goods luncheon mat (laugh)

* Source:Porsche 70th Anniversary Page
Yesterday I thought that my husband would look at my girls so I thought of going alone but because the eldest daughter would absolutely follow(Secretly the eldest daughter who loves H who is in charge of dealer at our house, haha)Two people headed.

Various Porsches.

When going to the Porsche Center every time, various Porsches that customers may have ceased are stopped, so it is quite fun to see it. There were various Porsches yesterday.

I do not have a mind yet, I think that around the Porsche Center yesterday, there were a lot of classic porsches that I do not usually see much. And inside it, everywhere"Porsche 70th Anniversary"The logo and posters.

I wonder if Porsche Japan will bear a few percent of the cost of such events by the Porsche Center. Even if Porsche Japan prepares posters and stickers, it will not be free from me ... I will prepare novelty goods, decorate the inside of the shop, and also DM ... It is quite a tough job both costly and laborious I guess.

Although a lot of customers will come, "70th Anniversary Fair" There are a lot of people with purpose and few people come to business talks ... How about dealership? But it must be done absolutely, dealers are serious ...

And from the dealer"It's a big deal at all"While thinking things like (¯ - ¯) ...

Porsche with their 70th stickers on them.

If you look carefully, the "70th" sticker was affixed to all the exhibited Porsche!

718 To Boxster,

To Carrera S,

Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo too!

It is amazing! !

I want to stick it on this sticker home panamera (゚ ∀ ゚) (lol)

And my daughter seems to be happy with this celebration mood atmosphere.

(Why positively posing ...)

With such a change, the oil change was over and I got the novelty goods of this time on the way home and came back.

Besides luncheon mats.

When I opened it I wanted a luncheon mat,

Besides that, we had a black PC case!

How well, perfect for my Mac (゚ ∀ ゚)!(Well, most of the laptops are coming in)

The personal computer case I used up to now is more than five years ago, the fasteners are broken, the stains of the juice spilled by my daughter are everywhere, it was pretty shabby. However, I was not going to buy a dare thing ... Because I thought it was about 3 years ago (bomb) just right!

Rather it might be more than luncheon mat

By the way, since the PC case is not a novelty goods of the 70th anniversary anniversary fair, it is not something you can do during the period. Completely favoring Mr. H in charge of dealer.

Thanks for your help!

As this 70th Anniversary Fair is also held next weekend, how about you guys going to the nearby Porsche Center ^ ^

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