Astonishing beauty! My husband bought Sony's digital single lens camera "α 7 III".

Porsche 981 behind Boxster GTS
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Husband's new digital single lens camera

A little while ago, my husband started considering purchasing a new digital single lens camera for shooting a car. What I had before,Nikon D5200. There are two types of lenses: 50 mm single focus and 10 - 20 mm wide angle zoom. Even D5200 can be taken satisfactorily beautifully, but seems to have been slightly dissatisfied with the detailing power and autofocus performance, well"I do not have Boxster like this ass" "I want a camera that can be taken with more eyes"He said.

Also, since I bought the D5200 a long time ago, I searched for SONY's digital single lens camera α 7 III as a result of investigating variously because I wanted to change not only the lens but also the body.

By the way, it seems to have studied with such feeling.

① If you change anything, not APS-C, full sizeI want a camera!
An explanation about the difference between APS-C and full size is written in this article.→ Digital SLR Camera Beginner Introductory Course Full Size and APS - C Size
② Because the mirror of the SLR thinks it is meaningless in the digital age,Mirrorless Single EyeConsider from among.
③ Because I am accustomed to the performance and usability of the SONY RX 100 M3 of the sub machine I am currently using,SONY productsConsideration.
④ Although the number of pixels is not so much needed,I want to emphasize auto focus performance, so α 7 ⅢTo
⑤ The lensSONY SEL 24105 G FE 24 - 105 mm F 4 G OSSTo
(As it covers the area often used for car shooting, it can be expected to have a natural blurring feeling because it is F4 through. Also it is likely to cover with this one to go on a trip, so decide on this lens)

Just with this lens, quite popular,It has been sold out since the fall of last autumn and it is not availableSearching in various places, finally found it in Mercari and finally bought it. That's so popular (゚ д ゚) ...! !

Sony's digital single-lens camera α 7 Ⅲ

So, the other day, the actual product of "Sony digital single lens camera α 7 III" finally arrived at our house. The appearance is the same as the image below, the body was very compact than the SLR I have. However, it seems quite heavily heavy in appearance.

* Source: price.COM magazine great attention full size mirrorless, Sony "α7 III" live-action breaking news!

The body is much more compact than the previous SLR! ! But the lens is big, so it is heavy heavily when you take it. By the way, although I intended to understand about the body and lens over about 1 hour before this,When I thought about writing an article today, those knowledge had completely disappeared beyond oblivion ... (- _ -)After all I am not good at mechanical relations.(It is likely to be said that it is not interested and not interested ...)

By the way, looking at the price .com, it is cheap by the body alone, about 210,000 yen, the lens will be about 150,000 yen, so the total amount is about 350,000 ((; ゚ Д ゚)) ...

Compare photos

"I bought such a good camera, I can still get enough good photos now, is not it so different?"I thought that ... This is truly amazing. Focuses instantly, the speed of continuous shooting is quick, and tables and chairs that casually took can be taken very beautifully. Also, the degree of blur of the background is amazing.

So this time, I decided to compare the difference between Boxster my husband shot with my previous camera and what I took with α7 III.(Although the shooting angle is slightly different, the weather is also different ...)First of all

① diagonally front (a bit far)

The first picture was taken with D5200. Beautiful but burning.

And the next one was taken in α7 III.

Pachi And the car is in focus, there is no strange distortion. Well then.

② diagonally back

First of all, it was taken with D5200.

Next is what we took with α7 III.

After all it is beautiful.(The weather is too different, but w)Well then.

③ diagonally front (a little up)

First of all, D 5200.

Next, α7 III.

After all the α 7 III saw Boxster look more cool.


④ Back half

First of all, D 5200.

Next, α7 III.

Even if it is different in size or angle, it is still beautiful after all.

We can also take pictures of children beautifully

By the way, I can take photos of children very beautifully.

My husband"In such a case, I should have bought good from the beginning"He said. As Panamera Turbo is terrible in the performance of the car itself, it is the same as riding in any condition even if it is a driving amateur, even if the beginner is unreasonable even if it is impossible, better bought a good camera, regardless of the arm If you can take a picture.

Regarding the picture of Panamera in the bottom, my husband went to Ashi Driveway the other day, but the weather was not so good and I would like to take it on a fine weekend.

The camera body purchased this time and the lens are here.

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