Can Porsche continue to run, turn and stop?

Living with Porsche

I went to the interview!

The other day I went to the company in Kyoto to sell, maintain and repair foreign cars.Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, AudiWe handle a lot of foreign cars, such as the year also from the classic car to the latest one.
This time, I interviewed Mr. M, the founder's son.(The content of the interview is scheduled to be posted in the future)

Which car do you want most?

Mr. M is also a former racer of Super Taikyu, but I asked Mr. M such question."Looking at the various cars, what kind of car do you want most now?"

Mr. M will not hesitate but Porsche 911. "

"Why not a Porsche, not another manufacturer?""Mr. M told me like this.

Porsche,"Run, stop, and turn"The balance of the car was very well done. Although cars of other manufacturers are good at running, although they run at a high level, they stopped, though they turn, but think they are not good, and overall they are doing well, but many do not lead to the feeling that they can drive as they desire.But Porsche is different.You can drive as you wish, there is no other car that you can enjoy driving so much.

When. When asked "Why is 911 in Porsche?""Because DNA as the sports car of Porsche is still the most outstanding, it is 911 as well"It was that.

The release of Mission E approaches

The news that the whole picture of the electric vehicle "Mission E" developed by Porsche has finally come to light has been recently talked about ...

Even if it becomes an electric car, will Porsche be able to penetrate Porsche-likeness?

When it cooled from air cooling to water cooling,"If it's not air-cooled it's not Porsche."I heard that there were also many genuine Porsche fans saying, and even now that it has almost shifted from NA to Turbo,"NA is good, definitely not a turbo!"There are also many people. My husband is so.

And in the future, the engine will turn into a motor and become an electric car. I tried to ask Mr M, too,

It is somewhat lonesome as a car lover to shift to electric cars. The acceleration of the electric car is amazing, but what makes the feeling good engine can not be tasted ... Plug-in hybrid also has a sense of incompatibility in the sense of the brakes as well.


The Shichigosan tree speaks

While I was watching the net thinking "I see that" I found such an article.

My navi news "When the sports car electricization era is coming, Porsche can penetrate" likeness ""

After all, for Porsche fans and car fans, this area will be a very worrisome point. In the article, the comment of President Shichigosanoki of Porsche Japan which was on a prototype car of Mission E was listed.

According to President Shichigosanoki, Mission E is "unquisely Porsche".

"You could change the handling characteristics on a computer, or the control of the drive wheels was more precise than the engine car, but the developers of Porsche said that (like electromotion) cars run like automatic driving It is said that it is the technology to help the driver to the last rather than controlling it.The driver does not release the hand from the steering wheel,Running, bending, stopping movementsI think that it must be felt the same way as an engine car in EV, and it seems to be developing.
Not the amazingness of the control device,There is a definition in Porsche AG (German headquarters) that the sports car must be the core spirit of a single horse riding experience"
* Source:My navi news "When the sports car electricization era is coming, Porsche can penetrate" likeness ""

Oh ... is that so! (゚ ∀ ゚) When I saw such a comment, I wanted to try test drive to mission E more and more. Well, I will probably do ahead of coming to Japan yet ...

If you definitely land in Japan, I would like to go to a dealer and experience the electric car that passed through Porscheism!

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