I spent a day with Porsche 718 Cayman. Is Cayman really buying?

Porsche Cayman

718 Cayman, test drive

The other day, as a substitute for the one-year inspection of GT3,I was able to borrow 718 Cayman for one day.I tried riding with each couple, so I said,How do you feel if your wife regularly uses Cayman, And her husband said,Porsche rides like carsI want to write my impressions from the perspective.

This replacement, the 718 Cayman, was a bare Cayman with almost no options.No PASM, no sports exhaust, no sports chrono package, 18 inch standard tiresThat's really the base model 718 Cayman.

In conclusion, "If your wife usually uses it, this bare Cayman is more than enough!"I felt.

Ride comfort

The underbody is very solid, there is no strange shaking remaining,It was very good for hard.However, the wife who is accustomed to riding luxury sedans from manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and BMW usually says, ``There is no smoothness and the ride is not goodI think.

However, I think that I will get used to it while riding, and above all, once I enjoy this accurate handling and the feeling that I can drive as I thought,Easy to drive, easy to rideI think that the impression of "Is better", and the ride comfort will not be that much of a concern.

Porsche properly

I had a test drive the other dayThe evolution of the 911 Carrera 4S (992) was still amazing, and I was surprised at the quick handling.And the engine sound was harmonious and good.

In comparison, the 718 Cayman was not as quick as a 992 hand rig. Still, the feeling of driving as expected, including handling, braking, accelerator work, is definitely a Porsche,Even with a simple Cayman, I was able to feel that Porsche could be felt firmly.

"Cayman is an introductory car to Porsche," I've read in some articles before, but thought that it might be so.

Big enough to go anywhere

Cayman has a compact body without a big body like Panamera or Cayenne,You can go on ordinary roads and parking lots without any problems, and you do not mind driving.

Boxster's hood accents make it a little noticeable in the city, but Cayman's design is less noticeable than Boxster. In that sense, I thought it would be good to use it without worrying about it.


I have written many times on this blog,Boxster Cayman has plenty of payload for a two-seater sports carBecause(There is a trunk before and after)I don't think it would be a problem to go shopping at a supermarket.

However, because it is a two-seater, you may feel a little obstruction. Actually, after riding the 718 Cayman, I had the opportunity to drive the 911 Carrera GTS (991.2),After all, I felt that the 2 + 2 seat 911 had a feeling of opening.(I want to write an article on GTS's impressions later)

That said, the bare 718 Cayman was a great car. Honest,A better impression than the BMW M2 Competition I had a test drive beforewas.

Of course, the M2 Competition was also a good car, but the price of the test ride at that time was a little over 10 million including options ...This test car 718 Cayman is about 3 million yen cheaper than the M2 competition and this performance"I thought that it was definitely better to buy 718 Cayman for cost-effectiveness.

I wrote a lot of cheekyness, but next, I would like to introduce my husband's impressions.

718 Cayman seen by Porsche riding

Her husband bought a Porsche Boxster GTS for the first time several years ago, and has often bought some Porsche himself and let him get acquainted, and recently he has been riding a new Porsche every month.

thanks to,You can easily understand the characteristics of each Porsche model, differences in grades, differences in optionsIt is said that he is also trying to improve his skills by going to a driving school for more accurate reviews, practicing in a simulator and so on(Who really is ... w)

Meanwhile, I decided to have you share what I felt after spending a day with 718 Cayman with almost no options.

Is it really good with plain Cayman instead of S? And those who are lost in purchasing

My husband, regarding 718 Cayman,

When buying a Porsche, a bare model(Also called base model, standard model, basic model)I think there are many people who are worried about whether to make it an advanced model such as S or GTS.
Especially considering the budget,I really want an S, but I wonder if I could compromise on a bare model. . No, here is S drastically ...I think that many readers spend their nights sleeping, worried every night and wandering through their thoughts in their heads.
I would like to say with confidence to such a person, from the conclusion,Absolutely a bare model is recommendedAnd.Riding in various Porsche and high-power models such as GT3, I can say with confidence that I am in the position.

I was saying. "Certainly, it was really good and well balanced, but was it better than S?As I asked,

I'm not saying that "S" is bad.Naturally, S has more power than the sled model, and I think it's better in that sense. There is no doubt that S has the goodness of S, and he is not disappointed by buying S. Absolutely satisfied. I know that too.
But "So, is this bare Cayman inferior to S and dissatisfied?"I wasn't convinced at all.


Continuing her husband,

I used to ride on the original 718 Cayman before, but this time I felt anewThis is good at allI did that.Cost performance is the strongest.
If you have enough mobility in the city and bring it to winding, you can run the engine with just the right power. If the torque rises due to the turbo power of the engine power, it is quite fast.
If you always drive at 250 km / h in the passing lane of the autobahn, you may be dissatisfied,There is almost no feeling of lack of power to lead the fast lane in JapanI think.

I was saying. Certainly, I've realized that the bare model is the most cost-effective. Husband also

718 is physically faster than 981 Boxster GTSI don't think that 18-inch standard wheels are underweight. Rather,The balance between engine power and tires is just right.I was made to think.
If you go to the circuit with this, the time will lose to S,I think it's more fun and practicing with the feeling that I can handle it in my own handsI thought even.


Sure ... I used to say,Power is important for cars, and fast is goodI recently thought I was riding a variety of cars,The balance of the car is important. It is more fun to drive without discomfort"Has come to be understood a little.

I said, "Sure, I felt the 718 Cayman was well-balanced, so I was very satisfied.And I felt Porsche firmly.I don't know why ... "

Stiffer suspensionAnd very good quality soft bushesThe feeling of suppleness and strength in an exquisite balance seems to be PorscheYeah.
The PDK's shifting speed is fast, and if you run aggressively in sport mode, you can shift down and up at exquisite timings without operating the paddle shift, so you can concentrate on enjoying the excellent handling.
If you don't mind the grade hierarchy, the bare model is enough. If I buy a 718 Cayman,I think I want a basic model or GTS 4.0..

He said.

Then, next time, I would like to write about the riding comfort of the suspension without PASM and the difference from 981.

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  1. Naiya

    mina's Hello. I am always happy to see you.

    I am very happy because it is a basic 718 Cayman article of "elementary" with no PASM, sporochrome and inch up like my car!
    Mr. and Mrs. Mina are the owner of 981 (and GTS) of 6-cylinder NA that plays sensual sound, so next time by all means please give a comparative commentary on 718 4-cylinder `` sound '' (unfortunately there are many low evaluations) To do!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > I am very happy because it is a basic 718 Cayman article of "elementary" with no PASM, sporochrome and inch up like my car!
      That's right! It ’s a really good car.
      Porsche has really understood why the "prime" model is said to be good.

      As for the comparison of sounds, I will touch on this in a later article,
      Expression is difficult.
      I'll write it if I can write it again.

  2. Turbo.

    Nice to meet you.
    Someday ... thinking of Porsche
    I am happy to read the blog.

    Since the end of last year, we have been testing each grade of 718 Cayman,
    I was really worried about which grade to choose
    I just read this blog and got a push on my back
    Since the order for 6MT has also resumed, we have placed an order for 718 Cayman (base model).

    As many people have said,
    GTS 4.0 has a pretty good engine feel, clutch engagement, and ride comfort.
    I was really worried until the end, but when I tried riding the base model again,
    I wanted to be able to drive well with this model, so I decided on the base grade.
    Because it may be said for the first time Porsche.

    It seems that the frame of PDK will be transferred to MT,
    It may take some time for delivery, but I'm looking forward to delivery.

    I would like to continue to use it as a reference in the future.
    Thank you for your continued support.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for visiting our blog!

      Since the order for> 6MT has also resumed, we have placed an order for the 718 Cayman (base model).
      Oh, that's right! !! !! it's great! Congratulations! !!
      Everyone says that Porsche has a very good base grade, so
      I'm sure a very enjoyable car life is waiting for you.

      I will continue to update my blog at my own pace,
      Continue to thank you!