Wakayama / Takano Ryujin Drive with Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3 Sport Chronometer

My husband recently went to Wakayama with a GT3 drive, but wrote an article about the situation at that time. Please see if you like.

911 GT3 to Wakayama

Recently, I haven't been able to go to long touring, so I decided to go short trip on a day trip.

This buddy is911GT3 Touring PackageIt is.

It's already over 5500km, and recently the movement of the engine and transmission is very supple and it feels even lighter.

Porsche 911 GT3

For now, this time I will aim for Wakayama. Personally, I hate the one-lane highway on Wakayama, so I don't want to go much south. So this timeAim for the Takano Ryujin SkylineIt was to be.

From the Osaka area, it is common to approach from the Hashimoto city side and use R480 etc., but the traffic volume is large, it is narrow, it is not a very interesting road,I chose a route to approach from the southern Arita city area.This is far more detour, but if you are a drive enthusiast, the longer the distance, the better.

You have to avoid the less interesting road.

Depart from home at 8:00 AM and head to Hanshin Expressway Wangan Line-Hanwa Expressway. GT3 is a fish that gets water when you go over the mountain from around Hannan IC of Hanwa Expressway. It is very easy to run up a gentle high-speed corner with an uphill slope.

Moreover, it is extremely stable and bends to stick to the road. GT3 in such a place is irresistible.

Drive in Porsche 911 GT3

Get off at Arita IC and take R424 toward Koyasan. On the way, we will take a break at Michi-no-Eki Shirarama-no-Sato, wait for the car to stop flowing, and start again. The road around here is a very comfortable freeway.

Cruise the country road while setting the GT3 to the 2nd and 3rd speeds and screaming the finest exhaust notes in the mountains.


GT3 exhaust sound and engine sound below 4000rpm, honestly not very good sound.At low speeds, the 981 Boxster GTS sounds much better.But,When the sports exhaust is on and it approaches 4000 rpm, the valve opens and the sound changes clearly.And you hear an incredible sound.

The volume and sound pressure are completely different from Boxster. The pure exhaust sound without any decoration or production is exactly that of a racing engine.

Porsche 911 GT3 exhaust

Toro driving with GT3

On the way, I was going to stop at the roadside station Ryujin, but it was so crowded that I passed through. Continue to drive to Takano Ryujin Sky Run.This is where the hell's toro driving begins.

I was watching the weekend of the Takano Ryujin Skyline, which is approaching the autumn season.

A large number of family cars and minivans are lining up in a row to reach the summit. The GT3 taken into it will no longer be able to force a hill climb at around 30-35km / h below the pit speed.It is already a trolley train.

On the way, if there is a steep slope, etc., it often becomes slower, does the previous car intend to stop now? I think so.

Traffic congestion on the Takano Ryujin Skyline

There is no need to fly at all, but I would like you to drive sharply, such as stepping on the accelerator a little more, depending on the slope. On the contrary, it is dangerous.

I think this kind of scene is very different from European drivers. They step on the accelerator and brake on the family car and minivan.
Probably, it is the bad effect of traffic education in Japan, which means that you should not speed up in any situation.

GT3 in such a situation is more painful than expected. The GT3, which has a certain speed, is very flat and has a strong feeling of contact with the ground. However, when winding at this speed range,Short understroke suspension due to undulations and irregularities on the road will shake the body greatly.It's always like swinging right and left with Yusa Yusa.

However, even if the stroke is short, there is very little friction and the suspension is highly vibration-absorbing. Although,Boxster is much less stressful and comfortable in these situationsI think.

Takano Ryujin Skyline

Encounter through GT3

When you come to Gomayama Sky Tower, other cars enter as if being sucked into a crowded parking lot. Then, taking a clear lap with just a chance, GT3 was finally able to return to normal pace. Releasing the shift to the second gear, the engine takes a deep breath as if to spit out sludge accumulated at low speed.

GT3 at Takano Ryujin Skyline

Finally, you can finally enjoy the Takano Ryujin Skyline, which has a moderate up-down and a mid-speed corner. If traffic is light, it is a good road in Kansai where there are few famous roads. It is very similar to Lake Ashi Sky Run and the distance is more than 40 km on the whole line, so you can enjoy it very much.

GT3 keeps turning around the corners as usual. Even driving, I am surprised at the splendor of the cornering. Unlike air-cooled 911, driving techniques are not so necessary. As long as the steering wheel is bent, anyone can run fast to some extent.

But,It is even more fun to run with proper awareness of accelerator work and load.After all I think that RR 911 is good.

Porsche 911 GT3 cornering

On the way, take a break at the parking lot of Hanazono Bussan. When I parked the car in a slightly distant section, a large van stopped next to me. "Also, Tonara. .As soon as I got out of the car, the driver of the van came down,

"This is a crayon! ! "It's a 6-speed MT! ! 』

I was called.

Anyway, Porsche GT3 seems to be a car you long for,I love Crayon GT3And that. "I usually looked up on the net and saw the actual car for the first time" Immediately, a flower blossomed in the Porsche discussion there. After talking about various topics such as how to buy Porsche, how to order GT3, engine and displacement, feeling of GT3, I left the place.

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package

Ryujin Takano Sky Run will not go any further and will return here.

This time via K26, the next aim is Shirasaki Ocean Park. hereDamaged by the typhoon last year, it was temporarily closed, but has now been partially restoredIt seems. This is a very scenic place and a perfect spot for car photography.

From the comfortable K26 via Gobo, go GT3 along the coast. The view of the road by the sea is good, but the weather is unfortunately cloudy and the sea is close to lead color. However, taking pictures, the colors of the sea and sky, the colors of the surrounding rocks and concrete, and the crayon color of the GT3 match very well.

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

Although the restaurants and parking lots have been restored at Shirasaki Marine Park, there are still no-go places and cars could not be advanced to the most suitable places for shooting, but the sea of Kii Suido is magnificent and Wanted to come on a nice day.

On the way back, take the highway again and aim for your home.The GT3 highway is very comfortable. It's pretty comfortable and I feel less tired than Boxster when it comes to highways alone.It has a more flexible seat position than Boxster, a transcendental flat ride, and excellent high-speed stability. The faster you go, the more you stabilize.

In particular, the ground contact at the front is RR, but it feels more solid than Boxster. This is a touring package without wings, so if you have a normal GT3 or GT3RS with wings, it will be more downforce effective and stable.

This short touring is

Total operation time: 8:25
Total mileage: 458.7km
Total fuel consumption: 10.6L / 100km (about 9.4km / L)
Average speed: 57 km / h


I haven't run yet, so I want to go on a long touring trip like staying a few nights after a long time.

Porsche 911 GT3 meter

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  1. taramangts

    Hello! I'm out of tune ^ _ ^
    For me who was originally from South Osaka, Wakayama and Ryujin are already home grounds ^ _ ^
    The Dragon God hasn't run for a long time, so let's go to the Boxster GTS.
    However, you drive 450 kilometers from Ashiya to Ryujin and Gobo! That's excellent! !

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      My husband felt like he wasn't running at all and said, "I licked the dragon during the holiday season."
      The road looks wonderful, so I'd like to run someday.

      It seems to be incredibly fun with Boxster GTS.
      I would be glad if you could tell me your impressions again

  2. Kazugane Hills

    Two years ago, I went to Ryujin Skyline for the first time in 10 years and was surprised.
    The free traffic caused a lot of traffic (especially motorcycles) and the road was rough, so I couldn't run comfortably at all.

    In ancient times it was a good and empty way,

    Because it is vacant if it is an expensive road like Mt. Hiei Driveway (Mt.
    Is it a toll road to run comfortably?
    Oh, but the Naruto Skyline I ran recently was free, but it was fun and interesting to up and down.

    The best way that I haven't been asked for but my personal best

    Aso Milk Road and Yamanami Highway (here is the strongest)
    Kochi Yokonami Kuroshio Line
    Mimasaka Yamanami Kaido
    There are other such as

    As an extra
    As a shortcut route from Wangan Line 5 to Kobe Line 3 when returning from Wakayama
    The second tunnel through the Yodogawa left bank line is the best.
    Although it is called Shorenji River Tunnel, this section of only about 3 km can run like a driving game.

    If you are a master, you may know, but for reference

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills

      That's right!
      I'm glad that it is free, but there are things like that ...

      > Aso Milk Road and Yamanami Highway (here is the strongest)
      > Kochi Yokonami Kuroshio Line
      > Mimasaka Yamanami Road

      Kyushu seems to have many good roads!
      I wanted to go to Kyushu again (it's hard to get there ...)

      I will also tell you about the road that my husband taught.
      Thank you!