Thinking about daughters raising their children – even girls can buy Porsche! ?

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Mother is a housewife

What I experienced and observed when I was a child has a great influence on my life. For example, “This is something for men and this is for women.I think the equation is deeply embedded in me.

In my example,Mother is a housewifeI grew up in a family calledThe woman is not working, the woman is at homeI thought. Doraemon, Sazae-san, Chibi Maruko-chan, and other comics that I often watched on TV at that time, all seemed to feel that way because my mother was a full-time housewife.

Time has passed, and for the first time after entering universityWomen will also work in the futureI felt in my skin. After graduating from university, I got a job and worked for 15 years so much that I was sick, but now I changed my blog at home, picked up a kindergarten, and my life centered on children ...If you notice, it ’s the same life as your mother at that timeI am doing.

I wasn't imagining when I was working in selfishness, but after various turning points, it became like this.

While I think it's strange,I think my mother's appearance when I was a child has influenced my choice of life at an unconscious level.I think.

Boys can, girls can't

When I looked at my child while thinking about that, the eldest daughter already said,This equation is for men and this is for women." For example,(About 3 years)The eldest daughter seeing me who couldn't drive a manual car,

`` Mom is a car that gets messed up(Manual car)`` I can't drive and my dad can drive, boys can drive, girls can't drive. ''

I seem to have learned the equation. Recently, when I was able to drive a manual car,

Why can mom be a girl?

I heard with a strange face.

I said "No, this isBoys and girls can driveNo. My mom was able to do it because she practiced so hard. ○○ also gets bigger and you can get on with practice. "I still had a mysterious face."

There was also such a thing. All my Porsche was purchased by my husband, and my husband bought the car of my husband's mother the other day.(Because my mother is old, I think it's dangerous if you don't have a car with safety equipment)

The eldest daughter seems to have thought that "cars are what men buy." At a later dateMy mom wants to buy Porsche with her own money.When saying,

Well, I need so much Porsche! ? Isn't my dad buying the car?

It has been said.

"No, the current situation is so… (-_-) or girls, there are many people who buy their own Porsche. And mom wants to buy what she wantsI tried to answer, but she looked like she understood.

Also when I went to see the race on the circuit. A ladies car race happened to happen on that day.Only men drive the car. Girls are standing in cute clothes(Race Queen)The eldest daughter who thought,

“Why are girls dressed like that boy ?!”

I was surprised.

Well, it may be a very special world when thinking about cars, but there are many other situations where you feel that a fixed concept has been formed in your daily life.

Even girls

Of course, I think that there are things that men can do but women can't do because of physical strength, etc. Although it is not impossible to compete with men,Narrow your potential because of gender"I don't want you to do that.

Japan today is moreIf you want to do what you can do"It became the world. I think less and more things have to be given up because of being a woman(Of course, the wind might be stronger).

Meanwhile, I think my mother is the one who can tell my daughter about this,Mother can be the most familiar role model for her daughterSo I will continue to break my shell, break down the fixed concept of my daughters, and show that girls can buy Porsche.(It may be extra care)

However, you have to be careful not to be too desperate to think that you don't want to be like a mother.

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    I'm looking forward to seeing my daughters grow bigger and bigger.
    We were two girls (both of them were working adults), did they look at their mother so much? For the time being, my father seemed to see me.
    If you find similarities or similarities with your father, you may weaken your sense of separation only between men and women.

    By the way, it seems that both of them are not so interested in the car, but when the upper child gets a driver's license, it will be useful in the future, and my car is a manual, so I went to get a manual license. At the school, the first question was “Why manual?” After that, I got it properly. It seems that it was only useful when I went to an overseas intern in Finland.
    The lower child who was watching such an older sister (difference in the second grade) decided that I could only use AT.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.

      Nowadays, there is no longer a time when men are women, and now young people are flat.
      I hope I can continue to do various things without being bound by old ideas.

      The eldest daughter was taken by MT! cool!
      I feel like my eldest daughter and my second daughter are like that ... (laughs)

      But when my child gets a license, is it easier to get than AT and MT?
      Looking forward to the future (laughs)