Porsche Panamera Calculated the maintenance cost for two years after delivery, it was higher than I expected ...!

Panamera turbo

Panamera, 2 years after delivery

It was the 970 Panamera edition that started this Porsche blog. Because it was a very good car, I was thrilled every time I got on, and I was telling my excitement to my husband each time.No, every time I tell you ... I already know the goodness of Panamera, so why not write it on my blog?I was told.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970

After that, it broke up with the Panamera Edition, and in October 2017 Panamera Turbo came to our house, but it was almost two years since the delivery. So today,Panamera maintenance costs for 2 yearsI decided to calculate again.

Calculate maintenance costs for Panamera

Even with maintenance costs, parking fees and high-speed fees vary considerably depending on the region and family conditions, so we decided to consider other maintenance costs.

① gasoline fee

For the last two yearsPanamera mileage is about 25,405kmIt is. I have no memory of running so much, but outing(Fuji Speedway, Kyushu etc.)When I do, I often go with Panamera, so the mileage will inevitably increase.

And until nowTotal fuel consumption is about 7.35km / l(13.6l / 100km)So, that means 3,456 liters of gasoline is used to run 25,405 km. The average value of high-octane gasoline nationwide over the past year seems to be 153 yen / L, so it would be 528,768 yen.

I'm not a fool for gasoline ... (-_-)

② Oil change and inspection

Panamera's oil change (replenishment) and inspection costs are as follows.

① Oil change (at the end of October 2017, mileage about 1500km, at the dealer): 47558 yen
② Oil replenishment (end of March 2018, mileage about 6500km, by yourself): about 4500 yen (2L)
③ Oil change (June 2018, mileage about 8400km, at the dealer): 40,818 yen
④ 1 year inspection (October 2018, mileage about 13246km, at dealer):
→ PSMP (Porsche scheduled maintenance plan) 3 year plan: 319,680 yen + tire puncture repair 5,184 yen
⑤ 1 year inspection (September 2019, mileage 24851km, at dealer): 0 yen (because it is in PSMP)

By the way, last year's PSMP (Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan) 3-year plan includes the first car inspection fee.

Porsche Panamera Turbo's first oil change-it cost 47,558 yen

After the delivery of Porsche Panamera, the second oil change-the cost was 40,818 yen

③ Vehicle tax

Panamera TurboTotal displacement more than 3.5 liters and less than 4 litersThe car tax is 66,500 yen per year. After two years, it will be 133,000 yen.

The car tax is high ... I wonder what the car tax is (-_-) If the tax is used for repairs of highways, it is actually unknown.

④ Tire change

Panamera's wheel size is 21 inches and tires are worn here.

・ Front 275/35 ZR 21 (103Y) XL Pirelli P-Zero
・ Rear 315/30 ZR 21 (105Y) XL Pirelli P-Zero

By the way, although I have not changed the tires yet, at the time of the one-year inspection the other day,The front tire has fewer remaining grooves, so you may want to change it soonI was told.

So my husband recently checked the Panamera tires online and found that it costs 50,000 yen each.Michelin pilot sports 4I haven't decided whether to replace this tire yet, but it costs about 200,000 yen just for the tire cost.

As for tire replacement, I ask Mr. Nishinomiya Base as usual, and will the wage be around 10,000 yen?

Tire exchange of Porsche Boxster GTS-impression of trying to change to Michelin pilot sports 4S

⑤Auto insurance

Auto insurance is included in Tokio Marine & Nichido, but about 360,000 yen per year(People, objectives, personal injury, vehicle insurance: person + spouse)It depends. That means it costs 720,000 yen in two years.

It ’s expensive… (゚ д ゚)!

When I asked my husband,Panamera Turbo was bought with a new car, so the amount of compensation for vehicle insurance is so highIt was that it was.

What is the total cost of Panamera maintenance for two years?

I think that it costs more when considering other things such as car wash costs and parking fees when going out.

① gasoline fee 528,768
② Oil inspection and replacement 417,740
③ Vehicle tax 133,000
④ Tire change 200,000
⑤Auto insurance 720,000
total 1,999,508

Wow, this is enough to afford a new car ... (゚ д ゚)!

Of course you buy a car, but it costs money to maintain more than that. I don't want to give my husband more appreciation every day.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. yossy

    Mina, thank you very much for your blog.

    This actual cost is obviously very helpful.

    The situation was similar to the two (Alafor, 3 years old and a family of 4 at 0).

    But I decided to buy again as soon as I decided.

    But there are right and left MT, AT and 4 cars

    I'm already laughing.

    I will not catch up with my best efforts, but I will do my best toward the target time. There are not many Porsche users in the region,
    I would like to go to dealers and test drive various models.

    I always support you.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always reading the blog!

      Panamera, it's really expensive ... I thought it was really expensive ... I actually calculated it.
      As soon as I really thought I had to give my husband thanks again ^^;

      > But I decided to buy again as soon as I decided.
      Oh, by all means! (That's easy to say ... ^^;)
      I want to do my best so that I can buy Porsche myself.

      Continue to thank you!

  2. nb

    Mina Nice to meet you.

    After seeing this blog, I was worried about a car called Porsche that had been on the cloud until now, and I took courage and tried it at the Porsche Center → I was fascinated.

    It is a word that I hear in various places that knowing Porsche will change my life, but if there was no opportunity, it would have been a world that I would never go into and will have a goal.

    It ’s an average salaryman, so it ’s still a while before I become an owner. Both I think.

    Although the prelude has become very long ... The contents of maintenance costs like this time were very helpful.

    Please keep updating your blog.
    I support you.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, always look at the blog Thank you.

      > After seeing this blog, I was worried about a car called Porsche, which had been on the cloud until now, and took courage to test drive at the Porsche Center → I was fascinated.
      Oh yeah! ! !
      As you say, Porsche gets stuck in a moment when you drive.
      I will do my best so that I can buy Porsche by myself!

      Thank you for your continued support.