Test drive on BMW Z4 M40i | How do you feel when a Boxster rides?


Recently, my husband often tries out various famous cars of acquaintances. I'm really jealous...how about the other day?BMW Z4 M40iIt was said that I was allowed to ride, and he wrote the impression. Please have a look if you like.

The joy of running through, BMW

I had the opportunity to experience the BMW Z4 M40i the other day, so I would like to report on the impression at that time.

I've written a little on my blog before,I love the BMW manufacturer.My old car,The E36 type 318is tells us that the car is fun even if it has no power,Strong body I remember being impressed by the very controllable undercarriage.

At the same time, I used to ride my friend's Z3 a lot, and the car that my wife used to ride the other day was the F30 320i.

So, I wanted to experience how the BMW Z4 M40i this time has evolved.A car that I'm very interested in because it is a brother car of the new Suprawas.

Overall length x width x height = 4335 x 1865 x 1305 mm, but the Pat look has a slightly voluminous design, and it seems to be a little bigger than the number.

From this time, a soft top is adopted instead of a hard topIt is said that BMW's extraordinary feelings for driving are conveyed.

The interior is very cool with orange seats, which is sporty and luxurious. Sit on the seat and adjust the position.M sports steering is still thickAnd, there are many people who do not like this thickness.

When you start the engine, at a reasonable volume3 liter silky 6Wake up

First,Comfort modeAnd slowly start running. The first impression isVery comfortableI'm saying that.Completely wearing a 19-inch wheel,If you ride without knowing it, you may be fooled even if you say 17 inches. That is a mild hit.

There is almost no rough or rough feeling on the road, which is typical of sports cars.The impression is that a fairly thick rubber bush is installed, and few people will complain about the ride comfort.

By the way, I went on the 981 Boxster GTS on the day,Boxster GTS also has a fairly comfortable rideIt is.However, the direction is different.If you compare it with the same lightweight high performance sneakers,Impression that the BMW Z4 40i is thicker than BoxsterReceived and feels milder.

First of all, if you run the winding in comfort mode, the roll is allowed as it is. But,Naturally, it is not a roll that makes you feel uneasy, but a moderate roll to bend with applying load to the outside front wheel like BMWIt sounds like

After going through a few curves, it's easy to see, and I don't show any movements like running with sweat.Impressive impression of clearing each cornerIt is.

nextSports modePut it in and see the change.The suspension feels a little solid, but not the same amount as Boxster.I think The shift schedule has been changed, and high revs will be used.

But even so,Gentle movement at the pace of winding the winding roadSo, I felt it was a setting that smoothly and comfortably corners, rather than a crisp, direct feeling.

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  1. Hmm

    Which z4 is equipped with a 3-liter flat 6?

    • HiroHiro

      I'm sorry.
      I made a mistake in writing Silky 6.