Husband came to pick up from the emergency Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche GT3 Touring

Discharge from my son

The other day,Gave birth to the eldest son, the third childHowever, a few days later, the day of discharge was finally reached. Due to the influence of corona, witness at birth and visits during hospitalization after birth were prohibited,My husband can finally meet his eldest son for the first time on this daySo, I was picked up from my home by car.

However, since I and my eldest son will let me relax a little more at my parents' home, after having them come to pick me up, I will send them to my parents' house instead of at home.

The car that you get when you leave the hospital = the car that your son rides for the first time in your lifeSo, why did my husband really come to pick me up... I wrote a little in the previous article, and everyone predicted various things. Thank you!

So the correct answer is...

What a rainy day GT3! !! !!

It's a bad ride and only two people can ride it! !! …I mean I can't ride (*_*)! !!

If my husband came with one GT3, "I'm going home with my son, so I'll go home by trainOn the day when I was told, "I will throw a stone near it and throw it at GT3 and shout "Bakayaro!!"(Because the hormone balance is disturbed after birth w),

Not really (laughs)

This day my eldest daughter also told me that she wanted to witness the discharge, and my mother-in-law came with her eldest daughter in the notebook, so I was able to ride the notebook and return to the factless house.

As expected, my mother-in-law also said to her husbandEh! Why do you go with two people! ? It would be nice if we all went together in the notebook!I was saying..."(Of course)

My husband bought and prepared a genuine Porsche baby seat for this day. Even so, it's enviable that I can already get on the Porsche 911 GT3 after only 5 days of age. Was my son doing a very good thing in the previous life? (laughs)

First car in my life, 911 GT3

"I wonder if it will come in GT3 wThe husband said this way.

The car that rides at the end of life is a gorgeous hearse. The opposite is true this time.
I don't think there is a car that is the most memorable one for the first car in my life.
I wanted to put it in the best car at home. Once in a lifetime.


I see... If you try to say that, that's right. It's 5 days after birth, so I don't remember it, but I feel I can understand my husband's feelings. I'd be happy if I could become an MT boy driving this GT3 in the future, but I don't know what will happen to this, so I hope I can continue to make opportunities to see sports cars and Porsche while watching. I think.

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    Congratulations on giving birth to Mina!

    I enjoyed watching the healthy situation for both mother and child.

    great! !! Welcome to the newborn baby in GT3... The gifted education has already started.

    I am looking forward to the growth of the eldest son surrounded by a wonderful family and cars.

    I am looking forward to blogging from an unprecedented perspective as new families increase.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      I was able to give birth safely, although it was much later than the scheduled date.

      > Welcome to newborn baby in GT3... You've already started teaching talent.
      It seems that my son was sleeping all the time, but it was good for the first time that the first car was GT3 and I did not get drunk and vomited ^^;
      From now on, I think that the perspectives and feelings will change from before to now, but I hope that I will continue to spell with life-size.

      Continue to thank you.

  2. Bun-chan

    Nice to meet you. Excuse me for the first comment.
    I always enjoy reading blogs.

    Congratulations on giving birth and discharge from Mina!
    Please do not hesitate to spend a while as it is after a big job.
    A second person was born at my home in April, and I was able to attend as much as I could, but I was prohibited from visiting after that.
    Your husband would have been uncomfortable since your first son was born.

    By the way, my first son, First Porsche, secretly predicted 964, but I missed it brilliantly. Lol
    As expected, the master! It's sunny to choose GT3! !!
    My eldest son is too envious to be able to ride GT3 within a few days of being born in this world~~~
    By the way, is it possible to cancel the airbag operation in the passenger seat of GT3?

    Please enjoy the fun Porsche life with 5 family members!

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, always look at the blog Thank you!
      And thank you for your comment.

      >My second family was born in April, and I was able to attend as much as I could, but I was prohibited from visiting after that.
      That's right...! It was the time when the declaration of emergency was just... everyone was tough.

      > By the way, is it possible to cancel the airbag operation in the passenger seat of GT3?
      When I asked my husband
      "I thought the 991 had a switch in the passenger's glove box to turn the airbag on and off with a key, but I didn't see it when I actually saw it.
      I checked later and it is in 991.1, but it has been abolished since 991.2, and it seems that it will be attached as a dealer option if you want to attach it.
      is what they said.

  3. Naomiya Miyamoto

    Congratulations on your birth.
    I envy that the first car is GT3.
    I was suddenly able to make a difference with my 5th day old child.
    I hope you will grow up with a healthy life!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      Thanks to you, my mother and child are living in good health.

      The first car is GT3...I am a little bit wondering what will happen in the future while being a child ^^;
      Thank you very much for your continued support from now on!

  4. Nak

    congratulations! !

    I was messed up at work, so I was late and I was not in time for my expectations (^^;

    But I couldn't hit it with two cars.

    I feel that I can understand the feeling of the master who selected GT3.

    Perhaps I was driving more carefully than ever so that I wouldn't even have a shift shock.


    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      My husband was happy to be able to put my child on GT3.

      Ichiou, my son seems to have been asleep all the time (laughs)
      We will continue to spell the car life of our five families, so we look forward to your continued support!